$20,000 of EV in one day - we never thought it would be possible!

Yet, this is how much CuAt69UsdSng made during his time at $500's and $1,000's.

We still remember reporting one of the greatest EV results we've seen in Smart Spin for a long time. We are talking here about last year's fantastic score of Faldorn07. While leading his team to the victory in the previous season of Smart League, he was able to achieve an unbelievable 370 EV buy-ins at $100 Spin & Go's in just a month. It's $37,000, an amount greater than we have ever seen before.

However, times change and so do the reality of Spin & Go's. When $500's appeared in the PokerStars lobby, we anticipated that one day this result will be beaten. 

We didn't think that half of Faldorn07's record would be achievable in just one day of playing!


Enter: CuAt69UsdSng

If you have played poker long enough, you have probably heard about CuAt69UsdSng who was first a successful MTT player with over half of million of winnings and now, a true force at the Spin & Go tables.

Today, we once again mention his nickname as he achieved something extraordinary.


He made $20,000 of EV in just one day by playing 300 tournaments at both $500 and $1,000 Spin & Go's!



Achieving 75 chipEV/game at the toughest Spin & Go's stakes is something to be proud of. It is a remarkable achievement which will definitely be hard to beat in the future (but not impossible, for sure).

Also, it is a great sign that Spin & Go's are a highly profitable format. Some people could have had doubts about that in the past when $100's where the highest stakes and you were not able to squeeze out such a high hourly without any bets on the side.

Everything has changed with $500's and $1,000's. And as we were surprised by seeing them in the lobby for the first time, we were also prepared to test them out and send our top members to play them.

One of the most trusted people here is CuAt69UsdSng, now a true poker master and soon to be a legend. He is here to tell you more about his exceptional day of $20,000 of EV, Smart Spin's experience at the highest Spin & Go's stakes and what we can teach our members when it comes to winning there!


Smart Spin: Hey, CuAt69UsdSng, congratulations on making over $20,000 in one day! Tell us how you did it, what happened during that day?

CuAt69UsdSng: Hello! I woke up, went running, did yoga and stretching, ate a vegan breakfast and started my day with lots of energy! As it was Thursday, I was super motivated to see $1,000 Spin & Go's in the lobby - so again I had a chance to prove myself in the hardest games online in my favourite format. Recently, I have worked hard to improve my game vs the best regs so I couldn't wait to practice this new knowledge! These days when I was super motivated I played almost an 11-hour long straight session - only with toilet breaks which were pretty short as each time I was running to the bathroom.


Smart Spin: How does the life at $500's and $1,000's look like? How tough are the opponents? Are you instantly jumping in at $1,000's whenever they appear?

CuAt69UsdSng: Life looks the same as previous. High stakes do not change your life - you need to change your life to reach high stakes! Opponents are super good - in these games, you can meet best poker players from HU and other formats- VBV, Grindation, OLD TIME GIN, Sauce123, Bencb, €urop€an. $1,000 now are only on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm-5am - so every day I am mentally prepared to play these stakes. I start my session as always, with some breathing exercises and listening to my warm-up song and to an energetic playlist. Sometimes I give TeamViewer to some Smart Spin players and play with commentary so I can get myself more focused on my thinking process. I run 2x $1,000 tables and warm up. Later on, after I feel I am focused enough I add more $500 tables.


CuAt's lifetime graph at $500's and $1,000's


Smart Spin: What is such a crusher doing in the Smart Spin Strategy Department? What's your role here now?

CuAt69UsdSng: Right now my main role is working with the best players in SmartSpin. Mainly in private coachings for hard workers and also I am engaged in a few groups where you can find me doing group coachings. For example, a group with VIP $100 players where the best players can cooperate and exchange their knowledge. In Malta, there are grindhouses with crushers so they have the opportunity to watch me play my sessions. Or to every single Smart Spin member on $3+ stakes who attend weekly coachings where I prepare topics and hands to explain some opportunity and strategies. As a captain of SL, I do coachings for my team as well. And even if you join Smart Spin with my recommendation, you can expect my help in strategy queries.


Smart Spin: How is Smart Spin helping all of its members to get to the highest Spin & Go's stakes? What's so special about being here?

CuAt69UsdSng: The gap between $100's and $500's is super big - both in strategical and mindset terms. Preparing for these stakes is pretty hard - besides a very high skill set, it demands high motivation to improve, self-confidence, acceptance of poker realities, being prepared for 5-digit swings and many more. Everything can't be done at the same time and it all depends on a person's will to become the best. All strategy and mindset materials and opportunities are available for the best $100 players - private cooperation with best coaches, free private access to mindset coach, belonging to most perspective groups, live boot camps in Malta, grindhouses and many more. So if you want - you can ;)


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