We give you 5 amazing tools which can turn you into a poker shark!

Don't be afraid and make the jump! We are here to help.

Every poker player wants to become a fearsome shark. This is natural to happen when the Spin & Go format throws you into a sea of fish.

Are you curious how you can become a Smart shark?

You do not have to look too far. All you have to do is to take full advantage of the opportunities and materials we provide. Smart Spin is the place where players exceed their limits and learn that success is a prize they can only receive after many hours of work. 

We give you five tools which can turn you into a real shark!


Use Smart Coach as your personal trainer!


What is Smart Coach?

Smart Coach is your personal leakfinder which scans hand histories from your hard drive and shows you where you make mistakes. They can be as trivial as folding a hand preflop when you should have called, but they also can be as advanced as getting donked in an isolation pot in the big blind versus small blind scenario. It also tells you what the best play in a given situation is and that's thanks to the comment section written by the top Spin & Go and HU HT players!

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As you can see, we are offering you a personal coach who is always available for fixing your leaks. On your way to becoming a shark, you will have to dedicate many hours to study. Smart Coach answers to all your questions and it keeps you up to date. Our staff is launching periodically new scenarios specially designed for improving your game. Smart Coach is the way you can be one step in front of your opponents.


Post at least 5 hands/week on our forum!


Our founder killuifuplay encourages each Smart Spin player to become active on our forum. In poker, receiving a feedback is a crucial thing when it comes to becoming a poker beast. Our forum is the best way to get your game analyzed by our top players and coaches. Crying for help doesn't make you look like a weak person. Even the biggest sharks have to stop their aggression sometimes and to dedicate themselves to study.


Join our mindset webinars!


Our mindset specialist whys0serious is the one who deals with all your mindset problems. For becoming a strong shark you must learn how to understand yourself and start working on your weak points. Only by joining our mindset webinars you will be able to identify your problems and to find a solution for making your mind more powerful. Don't forget that the road to success is guided by your brain and emotions. 


Watch our Crushfest series!


You can not become a real Smart shark if you are not watching the Crushfest series. This is the ultimate poker guide when it comes to Spin & Go's and it covers all the aspects and situations that you can face as a poker player. It is the most viewed video series ever recorded here and we have to repeat you again that it contains essential strategy videos for all Spin & Go players. If you feel that something is unclear we advise you to take another closer look at this series! 


Get in touch with other players!


We are giving you two possibilities for getting in touch with other Smart Spin players:

Both ways are good if you want to improve your poker game and crush the higher stakes. Don't forget that real sharks gather together when they feel the scent of blood. And that's what you should do too!


Join Smart Spin and start your shark journey!



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