5 ways to improve your life

Take a break with style but always keep your mind on the game.

The life of a poker player can become difficult and somehow lonely. We love our work and we enjoy sitting at the desk like a boss, but sometimes our brain asks for some interaction with the outside world and we have to make that experience worthwhile. Therefore, we need to be more organize, to balance the working schedule with some activities that will bring more clarity and live excitement to our mind and body.

Here are some ideas how you can do that:


This is a must for every human being. We all need peace of mind and to reach it, first we need to clear all the thoughts, the analysis, the negative emotion that we all gather during working hours. You in particular, as a poker player, all those hands that you thought perfect and weren't, all those all-in jumps - they are still in your head and since you already learned their lesson, you can let go of them with style.  So, try a therapeutic body massage. Your body and your mind will really appreciate it!

This is how you calm the central nervous system. source: www.chopra.com



Exercising brings a bunch of benefits in your sedentary life. Whatever you choose, from cycling classes to yoga or Pilates, it will make you sweat, you blood will run faster, your body temperature will change and the internal organs will enjoy every second of it. This means bringing more life to your body even if next morning you might get up with a muscular fever, especially if exercising is not a regular thing for you.

It is so important to exercise with a trainer in front of you – he or she will make sure you are motivated, you are keeping up with the rhythm and most of all, will make sure you exercise correctly without harming your body. Second, all that group vibe is a very new experience for you so take it all in, smile to everybody or analyze every body language if you want, but by all means get inside that group and live that experience fully.

Take advantage of any professional advice you can get. www.fanglemagazine.com


Be social 

Admit it. Poker life is a loner life. And we get it. You need to be focused, you need to respect your schedule and you won't waste any of it. The thing is once in a while you have to accept that beer invitation and just go out for one night. Friends are always useful resources of joy and excitement. Reconnecting with people in a different environment will definitely give your brain a boost. And seeing familiar faces is also an advantage for you. You might even get to know some new people.

Experience life and enjoy company.  www.eonline.com

Feel the city

This summer buy a ticket to one of the music festivals next to you, go to a concert or just participate to some of outdoors activities from your city like classes of yoga or qigong in the park, cinema in the open, etc. Changing the scenery is good. Bring some noise into your ears only to enjoy more the silence when the time bank of your opponent is ticking. And being more physically active during the day will make you sleep better during the night. Of course, if you are not planning to kill some poker fishes.

Is this crazy or what? source: www.holifestival.com


Practice detachment 

Detachment implies getting out of the box and observing the box from a different perspective. The easiest way to do that in an effective manner is to search for the highest point of your city and to go there during daylight just to enjoy the scenery.  Seeing every building, with the sky as the background image will bring a larger perspective into your mind. Also, something happens with the breath while you are there. Because you are not caught up in the middle of things, you can inhale longer and exhale with a sigh. Acknowledging the burdens from your shoulders, being more aware of your true needs or feeling more inspired with the next plans, these are all the benefits of detachment. 

Taking one step backwards helps us to see a larger perspective.  source: bunadimineata.ro



So, what are you planning to do in your next break? 



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