5th Anniversary Challenges

Take a look at what we have prepared for you!

5th Anniversary Volume Challenge
Brace yourselves! I want to present to you at least two serious reasons to put a solid volume in March.

I bet that you’ve heard the announcement about the new offer. You can check the details on the #official-info channel. For those who will decide to take this opportunity.

If that’s is not enough for you, how about private coaching with Bakudranski, CuAt69UsdSng, FCD, and Killuifuplay
... and 26 more private sessions with our coaches!

It’s all about the volume of the pure game in March. Top 4 grinders will take a private session with Bakudranski, CuAt69UsdSng, FCD, or Killuifuplay. Players from Top 5-30 will receive coaching from one of our coaches.

The only requirement is that the player must have positive EV ROI.
Flash game counts as ½ of the standard spin game. 

Progress Monster 
Your progress is our main goal. With the new offer, we’ve decided that your progression through stakes will be awarded by raising your deal. On the backstage, we’re putting much effort into delivering you the best possible tools, newest winning strategies, and top quality service.

And with the 5th Anniversary, we want to celebrate that!

Every Smart Spin member who will get a promotion in stakes during March will receive Jackpot Free Card.

Jackpot Free Card - when activated (must be activated at least one day before the start of the month we would like to use it for), you’re free from paying us anything if you hit and win top multiplier. One card lasts for one month.  If you’ll ask for a promotion at the end of March, and you’ll be promoted at the beginning of April, you’ll receive the Jackpot Free Card as well. The card can’t be used in the CHGW pool. 

Also, we’ll draw 3 Smart Spin goodies pack.

Mindset Challenge
Someone wise said, “A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence”.
And with that thought, I’d like to invite you to #mindset-challenge channel. Start now upgrading your life and your poker career.

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