Are you playing $0.25 or $1 Spin & Go's? Now you can join us!

Smart Spin is officially opening its doors to micro level players with the new Aspirant program!

Smart Spin is the top Spin & Go learning community right now, with over 30 active players at the $100 Spin & Go's and over 700 members spread across all stakes!

They all get strategy materials, private coachings, charts for different scenarios and stack sizes, HUDs, leakfinders, advanced additional software, mindset coachings, in-team rewards, motivational program and much, much more!

It's difficult to list it all in just one article, but there are plenty of advantages of being a member of our team (as we have proved time and time again) and now, $0.25 and $1 Spin & Go players can have a taste of what it feels like to be a Smart Spin player!


Now also $0.25 and $1 Spin & Go players can join us!

From some time we've been testing a new "Aspirant" program which is aimed to give you the fundamental strategy and get you out of the lowest Spin & Go's stakes available at PokerStars.

It's a great opportunity for all of you who would like to conquer the Spin & Go world, but you do not have enough knowledge or experience to join our team.

You get a chance to prove yourself as an Aspirant with the fundamental strategy pack you will receive after signing a contract with us:

  • Starting hand charts for the lowest stakes,
  • Fundamental videos,
  • Advanced Spin & Go's HUD for PT4,
  • And most importantly, possibility to get full access to all of our materials after beating $1 Spin & Go's!

After showing us your commitment and achieving satisfactory EV results (as we always repeat: we do not look at your real winnings!), you will get a chance to become a full-fledged Smart Spin member, with full staking and access to everything we give our Prospect members who are playing at $3 and $7 Spin & Go's.

We encourage you to take this opportunity becase we've got the knowledge of the top heads-up players and strategy materials created by the proven long-time winners at the $100 Spin & Go's waiting for you! We are committed to giving our members everything to get them to the highest stakes and it's your chance to take advantage of all we've got to offer!


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What would you get after being promoted to Prospect member?

Our Prospect players are full members of Smart Spin Team and we offer them a lot more!

Check out what you can get as our Prospect member:

Do you like what you see? Don't hesitate and send your application now!


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Would you like to learn even more about Smart Spin? We prepared a standalone article about the advantages of becoming our member:

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