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Pro player who went from $0,25 to $500 within 3 years!

Me, al1en0 and our dog (Flush)

Considering everyone dreams about being a successful poker pro. Have you imagined the way to achieve it? And since you did it. How were your expectations close to reality?
Danilinlife: To be honest, I didn't think about it much or created too many expectations; it happened naturally. But yeah, in my case, the climb from $0,25 to $500 was very fast, taking into account I achieved it in only 3 years playing poker.

What helped you the most in promoting on stakes from micro limits?
Danilinlife: I never had any idols in poker, but I learned a lot with the Brazilian coaches during my career, especially Dequera and Mr. Cariry. Also, I love the content and strategies from Cuat.

What was the biggest challenge you were facing during your poker career in Smart Spin?
Danilinlife: I think my biggest challenge is to settle down definitively at 250$/500$ stakes. I never studied balanced strategies from solvers, and now that I am playing versus the best Spin & Go players in the world, I'm missing it in my game. But I'm chasing it, and my goal is to crush everyone. 🙂

How has the Smart Spin team contributed to your progress? 
Danilinlife: Smart Spin contributed in every possible way. I owe everything I've achieved so far to Smart Spin.

What's your favorite strategy material?
Danilinlife: Crushfest. It is a very good and well-done strategy, and everyone must learn and understand it.

Here is where I play. Me on the right and my girlfriend (also in Smart Spin: al1en0) on the left

What are your current strategy and mindset goals?
Danilinlife: Strategy: Learn and understand more balanced strategies. Mindset: stop acting impulsively sometimes.

If you had to give one piece of advice to someone starting his poker journey from micro stakes, what would it be?Danilinlife: Try to be a better player every day, always have an open mind to learn new things, and focus on things you can control.

What would you say to someone considering joining Smart Spin?
Danilinlife: If you feel that something is missing in your game and have the potential and desire to improve, you can be sure that Smart Spin can help you.

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Carlos Dzn

17/08/2022 00:52:16

Really awesome and very inspiring!

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