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Last month we introduced our new program for the micro level poker players. If you play 0.25$ or 1$ Spin & Go's and you wish to join the Smart Spin community, this article is definitely for you. We sat with CuAt69UsdSng and here you have a bigger picture of the Smart Spin's "Aspirant" program. 

Before that, take a peek into this image. CuAt69SngUsd is a legend. He used to play high stakes MTT and coach the MTT players winning hundreds of thousands of dollars while playing poker for a living. He reached the top and then, decided to try Spins. Needless to say that he crushed it and had a fast climb. Now, he is our coach and member of the 100$ group. His determinism is high as he won $100,000 for the 1st place in a SuperNova freeroll while playing on iPhone, during his girlfriend's prom. We have a picture for that! And last but not least, his experience in coaching groups and individuals made him create the Hobby Groups, a community project meant to bring players together.

This is him having a cold during winter. He decided to run 2 SCOOP Tournaments instead of laying and watching Netflix. Result? Won $40K.

We are proud to have him as our partner too. It wasn't an easy road, but it is a rich experience, no doubt. Reaching the top is a strong motivating thought and you can start stepping on this road with us now.


adaeg: Hello and thank you for this interview. You are CuAt69UsdSng. Your nickname is already popular in the Smart Spin’s community. Still, let’s introduce you to the new members. Please share with us your first steps in the poker world and of course, your experience so far, as a member of the Smart Spin family.

CuAt69UsdSng: I have been playing poker since 2007. I started with playing money and freerolls. And then, because I liked the game, I started attending to local micro live poker events (5-10$ MTTS) and fortunately I won a few tournaments. Also, I met some guys who were playing online and they inspired me to try that too. In 2009 I was playing 90 m turbo S&G. The beginning was pretty easy. In the first two months playing online I made 600BI on $3 SNG. Time passed and I've learnt more and more game plans, strategies, correlations, math scenarios and ranges, until they became natural for me just like an automatism. In 2010-2015 I played online and live MTTS. Since the player pool was getting worse and I didn't want to run a night life with daily sessions from 7pm to 3am, I decided to try the Spin & Go format. When I joined Smart Spin I was super fascinated! I've always liked to improve and work with people with big knowledge, but never had the opportunity to do so with the HeadsUp players. Here, it turned out that the founders see and understand the game from another level. They taught me everything I know and here I am, a SmartNova Elite.


adaeg: Sounds like you were very determined to become the great poker player that you are today. You are a very good example for the low stakes players who are now able to join the Smart Spin community through the Aspirant program, right?

CuAt69UsdSng: Yes, indeed they can. They will find here a lot of support. We offer strategy for people who want to start their poker journey, especially if they want to skyrocket from micro stakes to low stakes. And we can continue our collaboration as long as they wish to conquer the Spin & Go's world! In their pace, they can join the higher stakes where they have access to complex strategy materials and more possibilities to attend to many promotions and contests. For me, meeting other poker players and being inspired by them was the crucial thing in the beginning of my poker journey. I am sure that analyzing and working with other Smart Spin members will make any Aspirant more motivated as well!

adaeg: The first steps at the poker tables are not easy. What are the first things that a poker player should have in mind in his starting career?

CuAt69UsdSng: That would be the variance of poker. Even if you played the hand well, you can lose. Rate your play – not your luck. Improve the things you can control - pushing yourself to play more, spending time on learning materials and so on. Mindset is the most important as these first downswings may be quite demotivating for many people.


adaeg: Yeah. We all need motivation and a strong mind. They both have a strong effect on the learning process. Actually, they are built while overcoming our own downswings, both in life and in poker. Knowing all this, how can a poker player keep himself motivated, especially at the beginning?

CuAt69UsdSng: Well, I strongly suggest setting action goals - like playing specific number of hours, for example 150h per month for a pro is a great result. Furthermore, try to win the game versus yourself when it comes to distractors - when you feel you'd rather watch a movie or play a game, ask yourself:  "Will this matter in one year?" And obviously, the answer is No! My advice is to think about your goals and dreams. Don't exchange your true long term goals for cheap entertainment.

Took the power bank to his girlfriends prom to play Quarterly SuperNova Freeroll. No high equity freerolls have to be wasted!


adaeg: Which are the common mistakes that should be avoided as much as possible?

CuAt69UsdSng: When it comes to technical aspects, one thing comes to my mind and that is playing too many tables. There's a myth or some kind of archetype that poker player should play at least 6 or 50 tables. At the very beginning it's more important to improve your skills and play deliberately. Now when rake back won’t be too big, there is no point in chasing rabbits. Increasing the number of tables is clearly a mistake. And from the strategic point of view: Don't play fit or fold. You and your opponent both hit the board about 30% of the time. Play your opponent, not your hand!

adaeg: Wow. That’s some real piece of advice for any player. Applying all this it’s already a great boost for the new grinders.

CuAt69UsdSng: I’m sure it is. And I would like to add something, especially for those who will grab this chance with the Aspirant program. You should all be patient. Investing money and time in poker works like compound percentage. If you work hard now, you will get a nice payday in a few months!

adaeg: Thank you, CuAt69UsdSng for sharing all this information.


Aspirants, did you take notes?

Obviously, once in the poker world, you always have to show determination, interest, curiosity and of course, to put in a good number of hours.  For the rest, Smart Spin is here with you. The Aspirant program offers you, the low stakes poker player, a fundamental strategy pack which includes: 

  • Starting hand charts for the lowest stakes,
  • Fundamental videos,
  • Advanced Spin & Go's HUD for PT4,
  • And most importantly, possibility to get a full access to all of our materials after beating $1 Spin & Go's!

 We are what you need to become a professional poker player!

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