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We are looking for proven winners to swell the ranks of Smart Spin Team and we are counting on you to help us. To boost your motivation, we are giving away real money!

Take part in our Tell-a-Friend program and get up to $500 for referring winning players!


How does it work?

It’s so easy that everyone can do it. Just tell your friend that we are looking for new members to join us. If he is a winning player and successfully moves through our recruitment process, you will get the cash.

How much you get depends on the skill of your referred player:

Smart Spin TaF

Example 1: you referred a proven winner at the $7 Spin & Go’s. His small sample size makes us want to test him at the $7 Spin & Go’s. You will get $50.

Example 2: you referred a winning player at the $15 Spin & Go’s. He achieved satisfying volume before joining Smart Spin and we believe he could start off from $30 Spin & Go’s. You will get $150.

We value your support and we appreciate every bit of help. If you consistently refer players and have helped us recruit at least ten players, you can easily negotiate the numbers displayed in the table above!


Use our reflinks!

Reflinks are being introduced to our site. You will find them in your Dashboard:

The most important thing is that they work only during the registration at

After the user registered using your reflink, he/she will appear in your "Has recommended:" list.

This way, you can easily keep track of THE people who were invited here by you.



Q: How do I join the Tell-a-Friend Referral Program?
A: You don't have to do anything, just start referring players to Smart Spin.

Q: How do you know if I have referred someone?
A: Use our reflinks to refer players or just ask them to mention your nickname during our recruitment process. That way we know he has been referred by you!

Q: When do I get the money?
A: The money is sent to you after the first successful profit split with your player but he has to be in the Smart Spin Team for at least a month.

Q: Where do you send the money?
A: We can send you money by Skrill or directly to your PokerStars account.

Q: When can I negotiate the payment for referred players and earn more money?
A: You need to successfully refer at least ten members to Smart Spin Team.

Q: What if I referred a player who is starting from the lower stakes than $7's?

A: You will receive the money after his first successful profit split at the $7 Spin & Go's.


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