We reveal Smart Spin's HUD!

For the first time you can see how it looks like!

A new era of HUDs has come! At least for Smart Spin members.

For two years our players had been using our old HUD, but, as with many things in our team, we couldn't just leave it unimproved. We wanted to create an ultimate weapon which will be easily used in everyday skirmishes at the PokerStars' tables.

And we succeeded!


We present the new Smart Spin HUD for Spin & Go's

It took us many months to get to this point. We created a whole team for the purpose of releasing a brand new HUD and the final outcome is fantastic.

Check it out yourself before we start describing Smart Spin's HUD - it has got features that others didn't dream about:



Our HUD covers all the most important actions which are being taken at the tables. Preflop statistics have been divided into different stack sizes and they describe situations such as raising, folding, limping, isolating and everything related to them. Postflop statistics cover everything that can happen on the flop, turn and river, such as continuation bets, various raises, checks, probes and much more which you can see in the picture above.

Even though for us it looks pretty standard (we had been using similar HUD for over two years), there are many revolutionary things which we introduced with the latest changes!


This is what you get with Smart Spin's HUD for Spin & Go's:

  • Extensive interactive tutorial to help you get familiar with the changes quickly
  • The most important preflop and postflop statistics
  • Accumulated Statistics from different positions but similar situations, which will let you judge your opponent’s style faster than ever
  • Hero Stats (on how your opponent sees you) to let you not only spot your leaks faster, but also understand the villain’s adjustments before they even make them!
  • Recent Actions let you spot your opponent’s adjustments without lowering “last x hands” in PokerTracker 4
  • The new HUD can also analyse showdowns to let you know how often your opponent bluffs on the river after various lines
  • The HUD is going to analyze sizings as well so you can spot unusual moves faster and identify ranges more accurately
  • The HUD shows you typical tendencies on different board structures
  • Way more valuable pop-ups are included than before
  • All bugs are fixed and the statistics are coded in a new, more effective way
  • Top-notch color-coding makes the new HUD more user-friendly. Colored stats will help you identify the villain’s tendencies faster but also point out the thresholds of when you should change your strategy


Need more info?

Mediocrity is not good enough for us, that's why we implemented a good amount of features to make it the top Spin & Go's HUD available on the market!



Why do we dare to call it "revolutionary"? There are many things which will catch your attention.

One of the most interesting features is dynamic HU popup which shows your HU opponent's ten latest actions and his overall behavior in the last 50 hands, separately for big blind and small blind. This thing was available in PokerTracker 4 with "show latest XX hands" option, but Smart Spin members do not have to use it! This makes our HUD a lot faster and we don't have to tell you how great of an advantage this is. You can be always one step ahead your opponents and you are sure to not miss anything while multitabling!

The second exciting thing is the possibility to see how your opponent plays on different boards. How does his game change at Axx? Is he check/raising paired boards regularly? How does his stats differ from his regular gameplan? Everything is only one click away!

That's just the beginning! Next thing on our list is sizings's analysis. With this feature, our members can find unusual sizing more easily and accurately. If anything changes in your opponent's game, you will see it with the numbers displayed at the table!

Oh, but that's not the end. Our HUD is not only analysing sizings, but it keeps close eye on showdowns after various lines! Is he ever check/raise bluffing on river? Smart Spin members do not have to wonder anymore. The best thing is that no one is even close to being balanced to make this statistic unimportant.

If that's not enough, you've also got Hero Stats in our HUD. It's a great tool to spot your leaks, but also understand the villain’s adjustments before they even make them!

And do you know how the sample is always an issue? You have no idea if that's a card run or he just happily ignores all your continuation bets. We found a great answer to that. There is an additional panel in our HUD which merges similar statistics from different positions. This way, you can recognize your opponent's playstyle a lot faster.

Everything is coded in a new, more effective way and statistics have got different colors, so your eyes can spot opportunities to outplay your opponent a lot faster.


Learn it away from tables!

Sounds complicated? It may be for the first timers, but that's why we implemented an interactive tutorial for our members, so they can get familiar with our HUD, without even using it at the tables. Additionally, we introduced a few versions of the same HUD, so lower level players are not distracted by its complexity.



Sounds good? Don't wait, join us now to receive this HUD!


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