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Know Your Coach is a new series of articles which aims to help you get closer to our coaches. We know that in poker it is very important to find a mentor who suits your way of being. This is the only way he can motivate you and bring you closer to victory. We have a great team and the best coaches in the world.

Know Your Coach is a series which promises to present our coaches just the way they are: brilliant, talented and full of determination.

The first coach who crosses the threshold is fi_sh_ark_84. He is one of our top $100 stakes players who made more than $100,000 in EV on 33,611 games:

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Who is he?

fi_sh_ark_84: If you are curious to find out more about my poker background before joining Smart Spin you will be surprised to hear that I don’t have one. I mean I played poker only recreationally after my regular job hours. I was a Sit & Go 9/6-max Turbo player, at low stakes. I consider myself a quite new player in the poker world. I joined Smart Spin on 11th of March, 2015. I was a $15's player and I got downgraded to $7’s. I tried to climb to $15’s twice and in 2 months I got promoted to $30’s. One month later, in June, I was shooting $60’s and in January 2016 I was shooting $100’s, but I had to go back to $60’s.

Finally, at the beginning of 2017 I managed to reach $100 Spin & Go’s and to stay there. As you can all see, I had a hard time in climbing the stakes. A ton of hours of learning were pushing me from behind, but it was worth it. Now I can teach others what to do.


fi_sh_ark_84  is that kind of coach who highlights you strengths for motivating you and at the same time, he accompanies you on the way to find your own mistakes without revealing them to you. As a mentor, he always puts himself in the place of his apprentice. fi_sh_ark_84 is the coach you need if you want to get rid of the curse of the red line. He will help you push the red line to the limit which fits you the best.



fi_sh_ark_84: Do you want my advice? Learn as much as you can at the beginning of your journey! When I teach others I try to find the most expensive leaks in my students’ game. Sometimes it is only a small piece which needs improvement. Sometimes it is much work needed. I try to show them my thinking process, how I learn, how I organize my day/week. My strong point in poker is that I am able to learn a lot to be in front of other players. Sometimes I am angry that I am studying too much.


There are many reasons why Fishark is a top coach, but his most important skills are:

  • he knows how to use an aggressive strategy for defeating his opponents
  • our coach feels like fish in the water when it comes to poker software like Flopzilla, Coffecalcs, Smart Coach, etc.
  • he is a HU beast
  • fi_sh_ark_84 knows how to exploit poker mathematics


Our coach has many more abilities which are waiting to be discovered. 


What he will teach you:

fi_sh_ark_84: I have produced many videos so far. Many reg/HUD analysis and live play games with commentaries. I try to show others the approach that I have outside the tables and how I think during the game. I am going to produce even more interesting videos in the future sp stay tuned! The most important thing to understand about poker is that poker is my business, your business. You have to handle it, you have to organize your day. Imagine that it is your full time job, but a job which is also your hobby. Not many people have this opportunity, do not waste it!


fi_sh_ark_84 will teach you that there is no time to lose when it comes to poker. You have to adjust and you have to be one step in front of your opponent. At the same time, our coach will teach how to juggle the numbers in order to obtain a mathematically correct game. Be smart and play solid!

Another thing which is making fi_sh_ark_84 unique is his aggressivity. He is a HU BB beast so if you have any trouble in this position we recommend you to choose our coach as you mentor for getting a personalized instruction plan. Be ready to become a warrior! Join fi_sh_ark_84's team!


Don’t miss the latest Fi_sh_ark_84’s strategy video about "How to outplay your opponent at HU SB":


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