Acquire deal boost by playing in the last days of 2016!

The games are exceptionally juicy and we want to encourage you to use that to your advantage!

Are you looking for the softest and easiest games in the calendar year?

The time for this has come! December of every year is a magical moment, also for poker players!


While everyone is celebrating the hard work they put in the previous 11 months, smart players know that this is the juiciest time to play. Our founders have proved it many times and now they want you to feel it on your own skin!

We want to give you an extra motivation for grinding during that time. That's why, we present:


Closing Year Promo


for people who are looking for an easy boost to their bankrolls!


The promotion will count games played between 24.12.2016 and 2.01.2017:

  • Play at least 1,000 games and get 3% Deal Boost for January 2017.
  • Play at least 1,500 games and get 4% Deal Boost for January 2017.
  • Play at least 2,000 games and get 5% Deal Boost for January 2017.

Of course, those are the additional rewards because the important thing is how much you can earn during that time!

We can only hope that this extra motivational kick will make your mind and fill your pockets.

To learn more, read the full terms and conditions on our forum:

Forum: Closing Year Promo RULES


Good luck!



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19/12/2016 19:43:40


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