Here is our top $60 stake player for October

"Having a human coach that stays connected with you on a weekly basis and listens to your questions is very important."

Congratulations to ALEX-RSN for his amazing results in October!

A not very well known figure in our community, ALEX-RSN is our member who managed to have the best results at the $60 stake in October. While playing 1,990 games with 53cEV at $60 Spin & Go's he managed to achieve $9,618.64 and we hope he is proud of his great work. 

His graph is self-explanatory and he also agreed to present his poker road to the entire community. 


adaeg: Hello ALEX-RSN and thank you for agreeing to this interview. Although you have good results, you seem to have a low profile and people don’t know much about you. Let's help them get to know you better. How did your Smart Spin journey start?  Did Smart Spin change your poker career in any way?  

ALEX-RSN: I joined the Smart team in March 2016 looking to improve my game and get in touch with top players. Since then Smart Spin offered me everything I need to get to $100’s in no time but I must admit that I’m a lazy bastard. Yeah, it feels good to admit it in front of you all because I think this is an important aspect for many players. Smart Spin is offering you all the necessary tools to improve your game but after that, it all depends on how you use their help. I didn’t use it properly until recently. I was playing without a hud, without a schedule. I started to do this a few months ago (since rakeback was cut). I decided that I should only play 2 tables and learn to play with the hud. That was the moment when I really started to like playing poker again, and that motivated me to push even harder.


adaeg: This change in attitude seems to have brought a big change in your results. Did you know you are the top player at the $60 stake for October? Is this news motivating to you?

ALEX-RSN: October was a pretty good month for me. I thought I’d be at the top but I wasn’t expecting to have the best result at the $60’s stake. It`s definitely motivating for me because for the last couple of months I’ve been trying to focus more on my game and have a more professional attitude towards poker.

An adrenaline shot.


adaeg: That is a great approach. And speaking about approach, as you know, Smart Spin is famous for its brilliant coaches. Do you have a favourite coach around here?

ALEX-RSN: I really like Fi_sh_ark_84’s approach as it’s kind of out of the box. It really suits my play style and he helped me polish (hehehe) my craziness. I’m pretty sure everyone who has played at a table with me thinks I am a crazy-monkey player but I think my edge comes from being aware of that and using it to my advantage. Also, I want to mention kurzatvvarz as I really like his style too. I think Fi_sh_ark_84`s approach + kurzatvvarz original lines would make the perfect spins player.


adaeg: From what I understand, you are also in a study group. How is that helping you?

ALEX-RSN: I really try to be involved in the study group (shoutout to Xptboy who is doing a really great job with the group!) but I discovered that this might not be for me as I really don’t connect with this idea. I’m a rail boy. When I started playing spins I was railing the highest stakes, I watched games with regulars, I saved hands and then I tried to understand different lines and why they were making the plays they did. Does it work? Is it player dependent? Could it work for me? How can I make it work? I really like live play recordings from Smart Spin coaches as I do the same with them.

During a live tournament some time ago.


adaeg: Since the start of Smart Spin, we have built amazing programs for our members like Crushfest, Smart Coach, strategy videos, live play recordings, mindset videos. What do you use the most? Do you find these programs useful and why?

ALEX-RSN: As I’ve mentioned above, I’ve just recently started using them as I should. Also, we have to be careful with this type of learning. While it is super sick to be able to work with these great tools (I really appreciate the work, guys!) we should understand that we are not robots. Not everyone can wake up and find the motivation to start learning with all of these tools. Having a human coach that stays connected with you on a weekly basis and listens to your questions is very important so I would choose that and the tools would come second.


adaeg: Let’s talk about the person behind the nickname. Tell me a little bit about yourself like your age, where are you from, and what do you do in your free time when you want to clear your head?

ALEX-RSN: I’m Alex, 28, from Romania. I’ve never had a real job, only part-time ones. I’ve been playing poker for a living since 2013. I’ve played HUSNG up to 50$ on different sites. In my free time, I like talking to people. I like listening to different things and different views on things from other people. Playing poker can be tricky and may not give you the same social interaction as a 9 to 5 job. This is my way of keeping balance in life and staying connected with what happens around me. Luckily, I have the support of my family in what I do and my girlfriend has been my co-pilot in my poker results for 4 years now. This kind of connection is really important for me since my job is solitary.

At my sister wedding, having a blast!


adaeg: To conclude this interview, tell me something you like and something you don’t like about poker.

ALEX-RSN: I like money. I really don’t like scammers.


Thank you, hero, and good luck in the future! 



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