alex schipun: "I entered the best poker school"

It was a long climb, but he has finally reached the top!

alex schipun was one of the most promising poker players. Two years ago he was playing $30 Spin & Go's with truly fantastic results.

He may have been one of the best players at those stakes back then, in his prime regularly making 70 cEV and overall with 66 cEV on the sample of 7,500 games.

However, he was not able to repeat that performance at the higher stakes. Even $60 Spin & Go's seemed too overwhelming.

But then, the 2017 came:


alex schipun in 2017


Smart Spin: Hello, alex schipun! First of all, congratulations for one of the biggest achievements in the world of Spin & Go's - getting to $100's stakes! How do you feel, finally at the top?

alex schipun: I am very glad to climb that high. I am playing with and against the best players now.


Smart Spin: You are quite a known person for me, we played against each other at the tables and I also wrote about two of your $6,000 wins, but can you introduce yourself to our readers?

alex schipun: Well, my name is Alex. I’m 24. I’m just a guy from a village. I didn’t have any idea what I want to be after school, so I entered the university, the Mathematic department. I moved to the capital to live in the hostel (campus). When I was a second year student I realized that I was following the current. That moment had decided to change it. I took responsibility for my own life and I changed the situation. I met new friends, hobbies, activities and journeys etc. From that time I try to take everything from life.



Smart Spin: What about your poker history? How did you end up playing Spin & Go's and joining our team?

alex schipun: Poker was very popular in my University. A lot of people played on-line, off-line in poker clubs, on the kitchen in campus. Also we had University championship every year. So I just couldn’t miss playing poker and I started my fish career from the first year of university. I started to play professionally during the 5th year, it was 2014. I played 6 max hyper turbo. I climbed from $1.5 to $30 limit in 1 year. As this game (discipline) was almost dying I’ve started Spin & Go's. And very soon it was clear that I need help and I entered the best school!!!


Smart Spin: I remember that you were one of the biggest winners at $30 Spin & Go's, but despite this, it was a long way to the top and I just need to ask why? Why was this journey so long?

alex schipun: $30's were my comfort zone after 6 max hyper turbo. I tried to play $60's not once. I faced real aggression and came back to my comfort zone. However 2-3 month ago I decided to complete the breakthrough … and now I’m at $100's.



Smart Spin: You were a part of the fantastic "Riverpool FC" team (led by TomP147), your game was reviewed by killuifuplay for one of the WatchMan's episodes and now you are making terrific results in Smart LEague 2.0, working with TexasBaton and making one of the top results for $60's standings. How did/do you like working with our coaches and founders?

alex schipun: To be honest Smart Spin taught me how to learn. Thank you for that. I didn’t visit trainings lately but I love to watch videos of Baku, FCD, IJustGamble. Many of them I rewatched few times. I like to train with 888TON43 very much. We don’t have any rules and we can calculate any crazy idea.


Smart Spin: I remember that you wanted to move to Philipines, have you finally made that step in your life?

alex schipun: Many poker players go to Asia to spend wintertime. I wanted to visit Asia too and even stay there maybe, we chose English speaking country - the Philippine Islands. Beautiful tropical nature, volcanos and seasides, coconut palms and guyabanos! What an exotic journey! It is more fun in the Philippines (national moto). And it also is more hot and moist there. We hated rice there, it is everywhere! Asia, you know. So we had a great traveling adventure and happily came back home. Now I am planning to travel in Europe.

Smart Spin: We wish you many great memories and good results at $100's!



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