Andyx10 got promoted to $60 Spin & Go's!

"I got here only after I realized the importance of studying."


Any promotion in the Smart Spin community makes us proud of all the work we do here. After 4,963 games with 54 cEV, our Romanian player made it! Welcome to the $60's stake in the Spin & Go's format, andyx10!


The road towards success is always paved with being aware of yourself and putting in the necessary effort for reaching the destination you want. Let's see andyx10 story from his first days after joining Smart Spin: 


"This was supposed to be easy, I thought ... "

I joined Smart Spin in June last year when I was playing at $7’s. At the beginning, I thought everything is very simple. I just have to watch the videos and I will become a pro. This was the biggest mistake I made. Because you see, after two and a half months at $7’s I climbed to $15’s and after another two and a half months I climbed to $30’s. Everything was perfect until the downswing hit me and I was facing the cruel reality of poker. They put me back to $15’s and then to $10’s because I was running so bad. It was then when the truth hit me: one has to work hard in order to climb the stakes.


"I want to say Thank you to..."

You have to know how to study and then do it. Watching the videos without taking notes will never help because you won’t remember that information. So, I would like to thank Perez1187 who showed me what taking notes is really about, he is a real master.  From that moment on, I started to study for real because I really wanted to succeed in this professional poker career. And here I am, after almost 3 months, climbing from $10’s to $15’s, $30’s and $60’s. I want to thank kleee822, he was like a private coach for me. Now I am in Wolle83’s Stuck No More program where I work with three very good coaches: Wolle83, Fededlabiere and Darkornot and of course, some other talented players. I also study with JackOverNine who is a friend and a very good player and with LucianSSS who in my opinion, will very soon be the first Romanian to reach $100’s stake.

My girl is my biggest fan!


"My advice for all the players…"

Get yourself a study partner. This will help you become more serious about studying. There is always someone to give you that impulse. Also, this is an advice that Bakudranski gave to me 4 months ago: "some people are more talented than others, I can’t blame KillU for being more talented than me, I can only grind more and upgrade my skill by spending more time studying”.

All I want now is to reach $100’s first and then to become a fearful player at that stake (smiles). 


Congratulations, andyx10, and keep up with the studying! 



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