Arieta2564 wins $6,000!

This was an epic heads-up fight between two of our members!

Congratulations to Arieta2564 for winning $6,000 at $60 Spin & Go's!



From the beginning, it was everyone's tournament as chips were regularly changing hands. At different points of the game, every single one of them was a short stack, so it was quite a show to see all of these all-ins and incredible comebacks.

However, it was a Polish fight, and the Brazilian player got in the middle of the crossfire. LGBieberbach made a wrong choice stacking off on the turn with A2o on the T662 board when pokerzysta90 was holding a top pair; and one hand later, he got eliminated:


Heads-up between pokerzysta90 and Arieta2564 was really entertaining. In the most interesting hand, pokerzysta90 limped with J8o, and it was in good shape against Arieta2564's J7s. They hit a pair each on the flop, but for Arieta2564, it changed to trips on the river where both of them stacked off after three bullets:


The next hand was the last one. Both of our members stacked off preflop to see this outcome:


Congratulations, Arieta2564! Good fight, pokerzysta90!


Arieta2564 was also present at our Live Gathering. Have you seen the video from that fantastic event?

Check it out here!



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