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What is smart spin?
Three years ago, four top heads-up players saw the future of the poker market.

The future is Spin & Go’s.

They decided to combine their bankrolls and create the top learning community where people can get better at Spin & Go’s. This is the most profitable poker format right now and we are the most advanced poker school - no one is even close!

Now, we are investing $5,000,000 for recruitment purposes. That is how serious we are!

What are Spin & Go's?
Spin & Go’s are one of the most exciting and popular tournaments created by PokerStars. Everyone in the world of poker has heard about them and tried them at least once. They are also highly popular among recreational players.

What is so great about them? It only takes three players to play them. After everyone has registered, the tournament starts and there is a randomly generated prize pool. You may play for 2 times the buy-in, but that would not be fun, would it? No, that’s why the first prize can be as big as 10,000 times the buy-in! Thus, on the highest stakes, you may even play for one million dollars!
What is aspirant program?
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Learning materials
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We pay, you play. You don’t use your own money to register at the tables. Smart Spin will provide you with your own bankroll!
Then, you will learn how to win money at Spin & Go’s. We have divided our players into groups. The higher you play, the more advanced strategy you get!
Finally, we are here for you. You have direct contact with over 700 professional poker players and our coaches who are making six-digit profit every year.
What can we offer you?
There are many great things that you can find in Smart Spin. We have created our own charts, learning paths, videos, PT4 reports, and even our own tool to help you analyse your game! Slide into our world and check out what can you expect in the Smart Spin Team:
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