Astronomical stakes in the private cash game organised by Leon Tsoukernik!

Apparently, at some point the blinds were equal to €20,000 / €40,000!

Leon Tsoukernik definitely enjoys huge games. The owner of King's Casino again appeared at the table of the private PLO cash game organised by him. Apparently, the blinds at some point were equal to the unimaginable €20,000 / €40,000!


Average line-up...

Just a few days ago the 2018 World Series of Poker Europe crossed the finish line. In the enormous casino in Rozvadov (Czech Republic), many extraordinary names met at the table. Except for Tsoukernik, for the gigantic money fought Tony G, Australian cryptocurrencies' king Matt Kirk, 2018 WSOP Main Event champion John Cynn, 1978 WSOP Main Event champion and the member of the Hall of Fame Bobby Baldwin, and another WSOP beast - Ben Lamb. 



Certainly not for pennies

It is not certain on what level of stakes the game was played, however, from the information reported by users of the forum 2 + 2 it appears that Tony G won about $2M pot against Tsoukernik! Another member claims that Tony G won a 3-way pot and therefore, the highest pot was equal to €3,000,000! What is the truth we probably will never know, but we may suspect that there is some truth in these rumors. A game in such a line-up could not be played for pennies.


Everyone's winner!

There is only one rumor that is certainly true...





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