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The new learning path is a completely new page where you will be able to learn faster and better. You can find the new section under the learn tab on the main page of Smart Spin. It is a new way of studying poker!


On the page, you will be able to pick your stakes. Our coaches have worked on the content so that each stake (from aspirant to diamond) get videos that suit them the best, so each player can study more effectively and more efficiently.

Apart from dividing the content into stake groups, we have also split videos into six categories, including 1. Lessons; 2. Theory; 3. Strategy; 4. Mindset; 5. Software; 6. Practice. Each stake has different videos and depending on your group you will have either more or fewer videos available to watch. It is up to you want to focus on and where to improve your weakest points by choosing the appropriate category.

Learning Paths will improve your poker skills


The most important category. The essence of Learning Path. You will find here the best videos from different categories split into lessons organized in a way to maximize the effectiveness of studying. The first article in this category describes the correct approach to Learning Path. For medium and low-stakes players we are recommending following the lessons category by watching the videos one after another, up to a maximum of two videos per day. High-stakes players are welcome to skip the lessons they have already mastered.

Covers all of the basics, from explanations of simple terms like: “Variance”, “Valuebetting”, through basic poker math, advice on how to make notes and use charts to the very deep theory of poker.

Here you can find the most important series: “Crushfest”. Apart from that, there are several videos from the “Academy Strategy” where you will learn the basics. In more advanced stakes you will learn how to play vs regs and how to adjust.

You will find the best videos regarding the mindset here. Over the years our coaches have prepared a lot of content. On this page, all videos are carefully divided into categories focusing on different mindset problems. You will find sections like “Managing tilt”; “Poker workflow”; “Becoming a professional”.

Covers everything starting from setting up your PokerTracker 4 through using HUD to analyzing tools like Flopzilla. Any pieces of information regarding poker-related programs you will find right in this section.

In this section, you can watch live plays, hand reviews of our coaches and best players dedicated to certain stakes. It is a great way of analyzing, comparing and drawing conclusions of your sessions.

Using Learning Paths

Learning Paths designed to help all of our members. Have you ever had a problem where you did not finish your video and planned to finish it later, but couldn't find it in the library? That is why we introduce the new function named “Favourites”! You will be able to add the best and most interesting videos to your favorites, so you can come back to them at any time. 

We have also included a new function of tracking your overall progress as well as tracking your progress in separate sections. After you are done with watching you should press the button “mark seen” so it counts towards your progress bar. It is very helpful in terms of better managing your own time and planning your studying.

After watching a video, you can leave a comment with a question or feedback. Just like before, you can still rate a video.

In the new Learning Paths section, you will encounter some articles. These are the most important ones moved from the Zendesk, selected by our coaches to fit the stakes and sections. Now both videos and articles are in the same place, so there is no confusion and our members can simply follow the Learning Paths. Please do not skip article related to a video you watched as they are equally important.

Besides learning new things, it is also a great opportunity for experienced players to revise the basics and for some players to start over with studying. It is a perfect way to re-evaluate your way of learning and to apply new knowledge!

Effective learning

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Remember! Just watching the videos will not win you games. In order to get the most out of the Learning Paths, you have to put in a lot of work. Anyone can watch a video, but not everyone can understand it and apply its main points. Treat each video as a source of knowledge and try to squeeze the most out of it.

Set Goals. Make sure to plan your session and focus on one position or one play. You can set yourself goals for a whole week, for a day or a session. Try to concentrate on your goals during the session. Our best players and coaches are constantly reminding us about “Sticky Notes”, a tiny program designed for planning.

Take notes. You have heard it a thousand times and it is still the most efficient way of learning. Even if you just make bullet points, they will help you with remembering the video when you read them before the session, therefore you will apply more of it in the game.

Meditating. Nowadays this word has completely changed its meaning. You don’t have to sit for hours thinking about the meaning of life. Simply counting 60 seconds with your eyes closed right before starting the session will help you with your focus. We should also remind you not to forget about mindset. We have heard from many players that improving your mindset can reflect in having an edge versus regular players.

Planning. By that, we mean managing your own time. Everybody has different needs and priorities but in order to become a better poker player, you should find time for both studying and playing, try to do it regularly as it will help you achieve better results. We recommend a play to study the ratio of 7:3.

Analyzing. For analyzing certain plays you may use Flopzilla. You can find a tutorial on how to use Flopzilla in our software section of Learning Paths. We also recommend recording your own sessions using the program called OBS, so you can watch them later or send them to other players for analysis. Last but not least, you should mark problematic hands and post them in our #strategy discord channel, so our coaches can help you. 

Playing. Apart from Learning Paths, taking notes and meditating, do not forget to simply play! To achieve any reasonable results you should put in good volume, as in Smart Spin we are looking at the long term results, so do not worry if you have bad results in one or two days, because that is the game we play. Remember you are the CASINO! Only long term results count.

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