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We operate in Coaching for Profits structure in which the student receives coaching and know-how and we, on the other hand, receive shares of the future profit the student earns. This way the student can be sure that the Smart Spin is fully involved in his progress and furthermore it lowers the financial risk a student takes compared to regular hourly coaching.

See our offer in the table below:

Promotion on stakes
After promotion on stakes, an increased base deal is awarded upon reaching 5000 games with the required maintaining EV ROI in the new stake.

Volume Deal Boost
It is awarded for every 5000 games played in the respective stake.

VIP Program
With our VIP Program, you can boost your deal even up to 75%! 
We give you a 1% permanent deal boost for every $10,000 of EV post rakeback. The deal is capped at 75%, but players with $300,000 EV+RB and 100,000 games lifetime with Smart Spin can increase their deal to 80%.

Meet the community and join our discord server! Even if you are playing lower stakes you can always join our discord server and be part of our amazing community. As soon as you climb the stake you can join Smart Spin!

Our Coaches

Meet our best Spin&Go players who are here to help you improve your game

Our head coach and strategy creator with close to 
$500,000.00 EV lifetime. The best 500s player in 2018 and a well – known poker prodigy. He boasts the biggest AVG BI in Smart Spin with a stunning $6.87 earned per game (lifetime). see the graph

An absolute beast among beasts. He’s crushing the lobbies on the highest Spin & Go’s on PartyPoker. He’s amassed $400,000.00 winnings post-rakeback on 100s/250s. No one in the field could pose a threat to his domination in this room. see the graph

He has stepped up in a big way since the beginning of his Smart Spin journey. He was one of the first students of CuAt. Within one year, he was promoted from 3s to 100s! Now he sits comfortably as he crushes the stakes with over 100k USD ev lifetime.

A new star was born in 2019. Our pupil made over $280,000.00 of EV within 3,5 years with us! He is now up to the challenge of beating 250s on, which he has been steadily conquering since February 2019. 

Our coach is known for his calmness and analytical approach to poker. He’s been crushing 100s on PokerStars for several months now, earning over $150,000.00 in the process. We recommend you participate in his live coachings; you won’t be disappointed! He is also responsible for managing the High-stakes group: Making schedules, meetings, coachings, homeworks and much more. see the graph

He is our Head of Content administration. Whenever Vers is not working to develop the strategy, he is playing spins to test the theory in practice. Currently he plays 100s and he has achieved over 100k USD post-rb within only 37k games!

If you want to know everything about board textures, what lines you should take in each spot D3m0nica is there for you. He knows everything about our strategy and his bank of knowledge allowed him to develop quizzes, learning path, crushfests and leakfinder. 

Our long time member and friend started his journey on 3$ stakes a few years ago. Now he has an impressive 326k USD EV post-RB attached to his name. He started with Smart Spin and he decided to continue his career with us for over 140k games already!

Our main Spanish coach has made 100k USD ev in Smart Spin. He is leading the Spanish community and he loves to share his knowledge. Write to him on our server and you will definitely get a thorough answer!

One of our main Italian coaches has made 140k EUR EV and astonishing 3,88% ROI on 100s. He is leading the Italian community coachings and there is no reg on Pokerstars.IT that isn’t scared of him. Find out how does he do it! 

One of our main Italian coaches has made 125k EUR EV crushing mostly 100s on PS.IT. Not only does he gives group coachings but also judging your hands on our server and if you are in luck you can win a private coaching with him!

Mr. cariry
He is our main Brazilian Coach. He makes group/private coachings and he is currently comfortably sitting on 100s where he continues to crush the game.

He is our main Romanian Coach. Apart from making productions in Romanian he is also responsible for the “Midstakes VIP group”where he mentors hard-working players from 5s-25s stakes. He has made over 115k USD EV lifetime.

What else we have for you?

Gain access to our library of over 1000 videos which include: live plays, live coachings, hand reviews, coach’s review of our members’ games and productions explaining poker theory and strategy. Our video library is fast-growing with new content added on a weekly basis. While our main language is English, we also have a growing database of Spanish, Portugese, French, Italian, Polish, Romanian, and Russian content. We’re also working on adding subtitles in different languages for our most important videos. Our most important series are:
Crushfest -  A series with over 50 videos created to introduce solid fundamentals that will help you crush recreational players in low and mid stakes.

Shark Recipe - A special series on adjusting versus regular opponents to maximize your winrate unlocks after reaching $10 stakes.

Learning Path
A special page where we have summarized the most fundamental learning content for players at each stake as a guide to more effective learning. 

Our charts are designed to help you develop a better understanding of preflop ranges and are constantly updated as the game evolves. Each stake has specially designed charts to fit their needs.

  • Up to $5, we’ll provide you with a practical approach to maximize your efficiency at the tables.
  • From $10+, you’ll find more advanced balanced strategy against regular players.
  • At $100+, you’ll get even more advanced charts with detailed preflop GTO solutions.

HUDs and PT4 Reports
Our advanced HUDs are prepared by the best Spin&Go players in the world. For example, they show stats vs Hero in 3-way, our opponents’ river bluffing frequency and cumulative stats that can help you understand faster the tendencies of who you are playing against. We also provide many custom reports in PT4 that will help you analyze your game and spot your leaks.

A personalized software developed by Smart Spin to find your biggest leaks compared to our optimal strategy for low to mid stakes players. Players receive instant feedback and instructions on fixing the mistakes, are assigned a “homework” and list of videos to better understand and correct the error.

A collection of over 1000 questions designed to test your knowledge of the team’s fundamental strategy across all positions and facing different possible situations.

Private Coachings
One of our coaches gives a detailed analysis of your stats and gives recommendations on areas to focus on to improve your game. Private coachings are awarded upon promotion to $25, $50, and $100 stakes. Additional private coachings can also be earned after 10,000 games in $25+ stakes.

Mindset Courses
A learning environment that features an advanced step-by-step, week-by-week path to overcome everything that sets you back. There is also a special Discord server dedicated to mindset topics, including courses and challenges. The courses cover 5 main topics:

  • Become a professional poker player.
  • Money mindset (Learn how to properly manage your money daily)
  • Overcome procrastination.
  • Anger Management
  • Coping with fear

Mindset Book
A good solution for a poker player who needs quick and short assistance with the way they play. We gathered our entire mindset content and organized it in categories that will help you find solutions to all your mindset problems.

Mindset Coach
 Smart Spin offers over 100 hours of mindset materials from our mindset coach, Whys0serious. Whys0serious is a psychologist and former poker player that works exclusively for Smart Spin. Every one of our players is able to participate in his webinars. Additionally, Smart Spin players have the chance to send him a private ticket asking for help. Our coach answers tickets twice a week, talking privately about specific issues.

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