$60,000 EV in 40 day challenge!

600BIs EV in 40 days playing highest stakes. Is it possible?! Yes, we believe it is!


    In December we posted an interview in which we welcomed a new player to our team. Not even a month has passed since he joined our community and he already wants to show us that he didn’t become Smart Spinner to fool around.

    He call himself Fi0ra and he decided to make a challenge in which he will try to achieve $60,000 EV in 40 days (finishing before February 5th) playing $100 Spins. The plan is to play 6 tables (not less than 4 and not more than 8 tables). Sounds pretty sick if you ask me but it doesn’t seem so if you look at his graph after first 13 days:



    It looks very impressive and as you can see he managed to make almost $20,000 EV along with 51 chips/game in less than two weeks! Is it even legal?! Here’s what Fi0ra himself got to say about his ambitious challenge:


‘I decided to start it, because sometimes I need to feel the pressure to work harder, by the way, I also want to benefit from these months, when tables use to be a little bit softer. I also would like to set a record achieving it in the quickest time. Another reason is that once I got it, I will feel freer to work on other areas related to poker that I would like to. It’s not easy, more if I cannot expend more than 6hours per day on grinding.’


    Achieving 600 BIs (including RB) during a 3 month period would also mean for him to become part of most prestigious club in our team – SmartNova Elite. I am sure this is one of the sickest challenges in Smart Spin history and I can’t wait to see how it goes. More updates on the challenge soon so stay tuned!


Check out this challenge on our forum!


     Good luck Fi0ra!


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Thx Sirs! :)


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Fingers crossed!!!


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wow! That's sick challenge! Gogogogo!


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Gl Sir!

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