Another jackpot on pokerstars!

3 players fought for $360,000!


      We are sure that JustOP, zekesito90 and jergat360 will remember this day for a very long time. They all registered to a $30 Spin and Go and witnessed something we are all dreaming about. The Jackpot! The biggest multiplier! $360,000 on the table! Are you serious?! Okay chill out, let’s focus for a moment. No more goofing around this is a life changing moment! Let’s see who benefited the most!


     First level of the game was a calm one. You can’t blame them for caution. Then something weird happened. During 15/30 blinds level Jergat360 made (not the most standard) 4x open from the button and got shoved on by JustOP who was sitting on a small blind. Button called and showed 66. Unfortunately for him small blind woke up with a 99. There was no surprise on the board and jergat360 was left with only 105 chips (3.5 blinds).



      First elimination came on 20/40 level. Not a very long time after the 66 vs 99 hand zekesito90 (SB) put Jergat360 (who had only 2bb left) all-in. Jergat360 lost another all-in and left the table with $30,000.



      We knew the lucky winner only few hands later. Zekesito90’s Q9 couldn’t hold against JustOP’s A3 and he was eliminated with a $30,000 consolation prize. First place went to JustOP who is now a proud owner of $300,000!



       And it was over! It all happened very fast but we are sure that for them it was the longest spin they haver ever played. Here are the final standings:



 Congratulations to all of them!



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