GrindFest 4 at the end of January!

Start grinding now to secure your place in this exclusive coaching with ytrer!

GrindFest is already a well-known brand in our community. It's a series of unique mindset coachings hosted by our coach ytrer.

What's so special about them? ytrer achieved the highest $EV and volume in 2016 from all Smart Spin members, proving that he is someone to look up to. He is definitely a number one person to talk to about planning, creating goals and holding on to them.

At the end of January you have yet another opportunity to join this coaching, already available under this link:


GrindFest #4 coaching with ytrer!


How to join the fourth edition of GrindFest? You need to have at least 2,000 games played in January or Platinum+ status before the start date, which is 30/01/2017 18:00 GMT+1.

Start grinding today and we will see you there!



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