Over $10,000 month at $60's? One more member proved he can do it!

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Congratulations to Trosauskas
for achieving the top result
at the $60 Spin & Go's in August



In the Smart Spin community, EV results are all we care for. All the work we are doing here is made in order for you to have the best results you can. Our coaches are working day and night to find the best guidelines to advise you how to play in the most effective way possible. This month we have some big results at every stake and today we will talk with Trosauskas who achieved $10,938,25 EV this month at $60 stake.

Smart Spin: Hello, Trosauskas. I am glad you agreed to this interview. Please, tell me please tell me when did you start playing poker?

Trosauskas: I was introduced to poker around 6 years ago. I like it and I continued to play. A few years ago, I joined Smart Spin to play professionally. Personally, I have been playing professionally for just a year. I am just getting started.

Smart Spin: How do you feel now with these present results?

Trosauskas: About my EV this month, it's definitely something that I am proud of. Beating the $60 stakes is something I have wanted for a long time. It is even better when I see that now I am also crushing it.

I have always struggled to keep on working to the end. I used to pick up an activity, achieve good results, stop and move on. I used to breakdance for 5 years or so, with a few achievements there and then I moved on to my latest ''activity'', a hobby - cocktail bars. I have spent around 7 or 8 years working in cocktail bars, starting off from easy jobs and eventually progressing up to general manager/director type of duties. This was my biggest passion for a substantial part of my life. This is where poker came in. Having the luxury of running great, with some awards as a cocktail bartender, you get a form of ''rakeback'', by meeting some incredible people from the other side of the bar. A few of my VIP customers were mid&highstakes poker pros. I was fascinated by their personalities, their spending habits and pretty much everything that surrounded them. I fell in love with the game. A few years later, I picked up another hobby in the form of cards. Since going pro, I have been in search of new hobbies and I have picked up MTB just this year, but I’m planning to start another hobby or two in the next few months.


Smart Spin: Do you think there is something or someone in particular that helped you have these results?

TrosauskasThere very much is and there's a lot of people that helped me achieve this: killuifuplay implemented a more professional approach towards my game, alongside a winning mindset and strategy of course via the forum and his insanely good videos. Fetedlabiere helped me with the strategic part of the game during Smart League. And more importantly, Wolle83 gave me a huge boost when I was part of the advanced learners. Kid Cld's approach to the game helped me a lot! Fi_sh_ark_84's videos and coachings are incredible. Banis - I had the pleasure to meet him and have a couple of conversations and I highly recommend simply meeting him, he just gives you a really great vibe that motivates you.


Good luck in the future, Trosauskas!



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