How cool was the last Live Event?

It's a perfect time to write a few words about our latest get-together!

Note: The privacy of our members is really important to us, that's why we are not going to show you anything recorded during our Live Event. However, we will use some promotional photos to give you a better idea of what has been waiting for us there. In short: what happens on Live Event, stays there...


The second Live Event was a big deal for us. Our team has grown since the first time we met, so it was even more important to have some fun with Smart Spin's new faces!

With thirty five people on board, we decided to meet in Central Poland, in a quiet hotel called Magellan. Outside of any city, we got there to discover who are the people who are managing the biggest Spin & Go team in the world!


Day 1 - football, beer, party!

For many of us, the first day was also the first occassion to meet our fellow teammates. You could feel the tension, but it was a really exciting one!

There were founders who created Smart Spin and have been leading it to that day; coaches who every day share their knowledge with our members; and finally, staff members who help you with every other issue you may stumble upon.

Not long after dinner and leaving the luggage in our rooms, we decided to test our will to compete and fight against each other! And what's a better way to do it than an oldschool football? We got to the field, but there was a small surprise waiting for us...

Bubble football was a really cool idea as the level of aggression on the field matched the level of aggression we put at the tables. Someone saw that coming and made sure that no one could get hurt. With that in mind, everyone went crazy.


With that and many other reasons to knock down the opposite team's players, we started giving our best at the field. After over two hours of sweating (and sometimes swearing), we got an announcement about beer kegs, sausages, soups and fried potatoes waiting for us near the campfire, so after a quick shower, we were there to eat something warm after such an exhausting activity.

Of course, we couldn't forget about wishing all the best to our birthday boy, ClarKent114. He got a pink jumper with a yellow pear in the center of it. If you watched one of the best Polish comedies with a great Polish actor Mirosław Zbrojewicz, you will probably know what we are talking about. Rest of you will not understand the history of that jumper...

We also did not forget about our SmartNova Elites. They got the highly rated bottles of alcohol, in the awesome wooden boxes!

However, when it got really dark outside, we decided to move the party to the bar inside our hotel:


Day 2 - stay healthy!

We did not want to wake up our members too early and we just let them rest after a last night's party. Of course, a free breakfast was there, waiting for them.

We've got a one conference hall for us and many people went there to make your reloads, write articles or simply play some Spin & Go's!

Besides that, they could make use of the inside pool or a massage and some poeple did just that:

However, we couldn't just let people stay in their rooms, that's why we prepared an afternoon full of activities!

After lunch, we got to the field, but this time we got divided into four teams and decided to test our strengths in various competitions:

  • Broomball
  • Archery
  • Voleyball with bedsheets
  • Team skis
  • An obstacle course with drunk goggles
  • Solving knots challenge
  • Jenga
  • ... and everything ended with a regular football match!

If someone was keen to visit squirrels and other animals living at the trees, he could have some fun in the adventure park:

Would you guess that the teams were really competitive? It got really loud when team captains tried to steer their teams to a victory!

We shared a lot of laughs and fun moments. We also set a world record in Jenga, as the tower just did not want to fall! It took over an hour before we finally ended this competition!

All of us were the true sportsmen, that's why we got a bottle of wine for our efforts!


In the evening, we just rented another hotel hall to watch the final of Europa League. Surprise, surprise! We are the huge football fans, who would have guessed...

People drunk, played Mafia card game or spent their time at the pool table.

Overall, it was another great evening with our fellow teammates! And some people even made it to the dawn...


Day 3 - sobering time!

All god things must come to an end.

It was really unfortunate, but before that happened, we gathered in one of the halls to, for the first time there, talk about Smart Spin.

Our founders did notice your feedback about the quality of the sound at our coachings, so they decided to hand out a few high quality microphones to our coaches!

That was a nice gesture and with a few short words, they only hoped that we will meet once again in the near future, in even bigger group. Yeah, they were already thinking about our next meeting!

That's how we ended up here, for the final photo:

We loved our time there and we couldn't be happier for taking the opportunity to get to know all these wonderful people.

We know it's only one of the first times when we got together. Nonetheless, we know that Smart Spin is a project which will survive for a long time and we don't have any doubts about that.

From the very start we wanted to reach something bigger than a simple "stable". You might have noticed that this is the first time that we used that word in the news section. That's because we believe that Smart Spin IS something far, far greater.

It's an awesome community and we hope to see you there when for the third time we will meet at our Smart Spin Live Community Event:





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