Kindek90 and markeba score $1,500 each!

The jackpot victories doesn't seem to stop!

It feels like every huge multiplier gets taken by the Smart Spin family recently! Another great day!

Markeba defeated BIGFLOP2009 and fin2888 to pump up that green line with 100bi! That's what I call a good start of the month!

But he was not the only one who celebrated a big score!

The other hero of the day is Kindek90, who also took down a $1,500 first prize!

In the first hands of the game our player was mostly card dead or didn't get any action when the dealer was kind to him, while his opponents engaged against each other in small skirmishes. Finally, after just losing a big pot, Weekender55 found a good hand to push all-in, but his pocket Jacks got crushed by 1989Darius's Queens and the first one busted in 3rd place.

At that point Kindek90 had the tough task to defeat his rival in a heads up battle, starting with a chip disadvantage. Both competitors started the battle passively. Mostly limping, no big bluffs, trying to play smallball and just wait for the other one to make a mistake. 

But as we know, this cannot go forever, the blinds got higher and our member found himself pushing all in for his remaining almost 10bb with A8o and got called by 1989Darius's KQo. The dealer was fair to the Smart member and a 2-3-8-A-T board brought the double up for the short stack. Just few hands ahead, Kindek90 pushed with Q4o against the 6bb of his rival and got surprisingly called by 96o. The Q high held and the schampagne was once again in the hands of a Smart Spinner!

Congratulations, fellas!


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