kylsonn1 wins $6,000, OmGGrzechuGT and JackOverNine both win $3,000

Two more 100x's and one more 200x! Wow, so many wins!

A lot of great wins recently, so let's start from the biggest one!


Congratulations to kylsonn1 for winning $6,000 at the $60 Spin & Go!

And we can proudly say that our member just demolished his opponents! He won 6 out of 8 first hands and shortened both of his rivals to 300 chips each! A true ownage.

Then, on the JJT board, kylsonn1 made a bet/call with AJ while his opponent was almost dead with T8s. The turn wasn't much of a help for the drowning man and they moved to heads-up! And we all know how difficult it can be to play against bulba31, even in the push or fold game. The first all-in was lost by kylsonn1 and it seemed like it will take him a little longer to win that tournament.

Finally, many hands later, bulba31 stacked off with 87o at over 10 big blinds when our member was holding ATs. Flush draw on the 662 flop was a great start, but it was the ace on the turn which sealed the win! Congratulations!


Secondly, congratulations to OMGGrzechuGT for winning $3,000 at the $30 Spin & Go!

Our member also got a nice start at the first blind level, but at the 20/40 he went back to the starting stack. Unfortunately, his pocket threes went against short stacked Kells859's pocket fours and suddenly, OmGGrzechuGT was one foot out the door. Thankfully, he won a flip of 77 vs AQ and got back in the game.

A hand later, he found himself all-in once again. This time he hit an ace to pair his ATo and crushed his opponent's pocket deuces. It was a revenge for previous unlucky all-in and Kells859 got out with $300 of consolation prize.

Our member took advantage of his big stack and the 30/60 blind level, and just stole 10 out of 13 final pots. His opponent was crushed and tried to double up his 140 chip stack in one last-ditch effort. CueCool pushed his T8o and it was so easy for OmGGrzechuGT to call with J7o. The board did not help either player and Jack high won the pot. Congratulations!


Finally, congratulations to our editor JackOverNine for winning $3,000 at the $15 Spin & Go!

A 5 minute win and another great performance by our member! Both of his opponents went into a deadly battle, one was holding the nut full house with pocket kings while the other one tried to bluff his missed flush draw on the river. Well, you cannot bluff out that kind of hand, kid!

In heads-up, JackOverNine needed to work his way to the chip lead and he did just that. Assad91 made the same mistake as the first player who got out in that tournament - he tried to bluff his busted flush draw. However, our member has seen quite a few things in his life and quickly called the river all-in with top pair.

His rival was crippled! Assad91 was doing so great and suddenly, on mistake got him to 10 big blinds and finally, costed him the game. He got defeated by the same hand he doubled up at the start of the tournament. JackOverNine quickly called his rival's shove with Kings and won that pot easily against Q8o. Good job!


Congratulations to you all!



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08/01/2017 20:17:08

GG Guys. Amazing results:)

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