Monday Challenge: no spazz week!

A difficult task, but it can be done!

This week we would like you to be more aware on the situations where you lose money.

That's why we declare this week as the...


No Spazz Week!


By 'spazz' we mean:

  • Calling when you should fold,
  • Betting when you should check.

Of course the perfect game doesn't exist and you are entitled to make some mistakes. However, there are times when strange ideas are popping out in our heads.

"I will bluff him this time, no matter the runout." "That's a really bad card for me... I will bet anyway." "He's giving me such a good prize, I need to call here." "He knows that I know that he knows, so he is not going to make this move because I will always call here... Since he's betting, I need to fold... but he knows that, so I need to call."

Those are bad thoughts because they are based on your feelings. That's not how you win at poker!

Remember about this next time you play this week. Charts, default plays, statistics, ranges, adjustments - that's what really matter!


Will you take up the challenge?



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09/01/2017 16:52:33

In, damn good topic. No spazz this week!


09/01/2017 14:41:18

I'm in:)

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