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    ‘I would rip that smile off his face!’ is very common and popular sentence said (or probably shout) by poker players. And I am not talking about live poker here! I am talking about online games. I am sure there have been many times when you lost some cooler and your opponent ‘got there’ you got even angrier just by looking at the picture placed next to your rival’s nickname.


    Yes, avatars!  Accurate avatar selection is almost as important and crucial as table selection! Ok relax… I am kidding but it is clear and obvious that many poker players underestimate the power of online avatar! If you are not very good at trash talking (killuifuplay could probably make a whole coaching about it) you can always have a tilting avatar which can easily discourage your opponents from playing their A-game! It gets even better if you are playing with the same players constantly. We can benefit so much with a words ‘I hate that picture’ stuck in our opponent’s head!     


    That’s why we want to appreciate the creativity of our players and pick the most tilting avatar in Smart Spin! We posted a new thread on our forum where you can give us your propositions, we will choose the best ones and then we’ll make an official voting!              


    Let’s see who the best troll in our community is!



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30/01/2017 18:15:27

I think that trash talk in spins can be only distracting and its not worth it to spend time learning this thing. You rather have it naturally and in this case its not affecting your game or you need to focus on it and it could bring more damage than good.


10/01/2017 19:28:37

Wow, coaching about how to use trash talk would be really interesting :D

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