Smart Spin members will get Primed Mind accounts!

A piece of mind is one of the greatest assets and we are going to give it to you!

Life is a challenging adventure and throws many obstacles under your feet. At every given moment, you can slip and change something good into an awful experience.

Or never even reach greatness at all.

It's also about everyday obstacles. Small things can't bother you; as a poker player, you need to be as steady as a rock and have full confidence in yourself and your decisions.

We are going to help our members with that:



Smart Spin starts using Primed Mind


Primed Mind is a well-known application in the poker community. Created by Fedor Holz and Elliot Roe, it builds confidence, motivation and inner strength, so you can focus entirely on achieving your life goals. Primed Mind was so successful that it reached the eSports community with the help of Nathan "NBK" Schmitt and the sports scene with Duane Ludwig.

We found a great amount of value in this app and with the help of our founders, we decided to bring it to the Smart Spin Team as well.


Where is the value?

Do you remember the interviews with our founders?

Every one of them possessed a special set of skills which was presented as a unique one due to the differences in their personalities and how they decided to present themselves to the world. However, taking a look at the bigger picture, they all shared many traits which made them so successful.

They all were brave enough to take on the world and not back down in the face of danger, which was coming from the better regular players and shrinking bankrolls during bad times. The "good" stubbornness helped them reach places unimaginable for a great amount of us. Daily habits and the love for poker made them grind countless hours in front of their PC monitors. A dose of ego and discipline, it all came together and made them so successful.

We were astonished by their stories and at the same time, a little jealous that they had all these traits which could benefit us significantly as well.

They are trying to pass all of their life knowledge on to us, but sometimes it's difficult to start living by these rules. That is why they decided that it's time for us to start using this app and learn everything faster.



Who will get it?

Primed Mind will be available for both Smart Spin and Smart Backing members.

In the first month, we will run a lottery which will determine who will receive one of the over fifty accounts we are going to start with. This way, a lot of our members will have a chance to get themselves familiar with this app and we hope to receive feedback from all directions and different stake levels.

Our members do not have to do anything to join the lottery. Our cooperation with Primed Mind starts on the 13th of October, and at the beginning of next week, we will contact people who will receive free accounts for this fantastic app.

Every month we will distribute it to a new group of people, so if you didn't get one now, nothing is lost yet! You may still get it in November!


Stay tuned for more information about Primed Mind!





Psst. We also heard that whys0serious will be working on something new for Primed Mind!



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17/10/2017 17:23:01

I won!
I'll test!
... and I will for sure use it. <3

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