StefanoG84 takes €25 Spin & Go's by storm!

Our Italian member achieved 79 cEV per game there and now sets his eyes on conquering €50's!

Congratulations to StefanoG84 for reaching the €50 Spin & Go's!

A fantastic score, no doubt! In 4,000 games he achieved 79 cEV per game and that gave him over €10,500 in EV!

A pizzeria restaurant owner and a former MTT player, StefanoG84 tries his luck at Spin & Go's right now! And we must say he is doing splendidly.

Learn more about our Italian member who is not shy at all about his life. Many interesting thoughts from someone who started his business from ground level and worked hard enough to make money out of it. He's got the same approach for Spin & Go's right now:

I'm 32 years old and I'm from Macerata, in the central Italy. I started to play poker a few years ago as a "natural transition" from another card game, Magic the gathering, where i was pretty good. Unfortunately prizes weren't good enough, so I switched to poker where I was able to have a decent ROI in MTT.

Problem was that MTT's didn't fit with my business in real life: since in my city there was a market "hole" regarding quality pizza, I decided to open a pizzeria with my girlfriend. I was absolutely ignorant about pizza's dough, leavening and anything technical related, so i started to study on my own, getting ideas from some new pizzerias in Rome that do an extremely light and digestible pizza. I managed to do a product like this and now i have the 1st quality pizzeria in town. It was really satisfying, but not enough, because there was always a "woodworm" that dig deep: it was the poker one, since my biggest regret was not having the time and the dedication to reach some levels which I knew I was capable to reach.

As I said I couldn't continue with MTT, and I never liked cash game too much, so I started to play spins since they seemed to be the perfect solution. I started in the last summer, and the field immediately showed to be pretty soft. After playing some €5's and €10's, I leveled up to €25's and things went pretty well until I got a heavy downswing in which I ran about 100 BIs below EV. In that period I found Smart Spin and I decided to try since it seemed to be the best solution for me.

Well, it absolutely is! I joined Smart Spin less than two months ago, in mid-November, and I was literally blazed by the amount and the quality of coachings in it. I've played about 4,000 Spins at €25 feeling a big edge thanks to the strategic videos, the coaches point of view in the forum posted hands and so on.

Now I've just started to play at the €50's and with all my strength I want to continue moving in the same direction, to reach the top stake and be among the best. I will study and fight hard to reach my goals, that's for sure, since I am absolutely convinced that anyone can reach anything if he wants. It's not rhetoric, it's a fact. A difference is in the different amount of work between people who want to reach a specific goal. And in the most cases people give up due to the huge amount of work that they think are not able to afford. Nature hates equality, so fight or perish. Even at Spin & Go's :)

Good luck at the €50 Spin & Go's!



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09/01/2017 23:20:42

Ty mate!


09/01/2017 18:11:46

GJ and good luck at 50s :)

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