Take and Share: November edition!

It's an invaluable help in your poker journey and finally, more Prospect and Starter players has decided to join us here!

We've heard many good things from people participating in Take and Share. This project is a perfect opportunity to exchange your knowledge with other Smart Spin players and we are pleased to say that many more Prospect and Starter players have decided to take part in the November's edition.

Today, having a mentor, someone to lead you through all obstacles, is one of the keys to being a successful poker player. You can't underestimate the value of that initiative:

bakudranski: The "Take and Share" project has many advantages. The most important and the most obvious one is the opportunity to get in touch with players from higher stakes. It's the perfect occasion to get a view from someone who is at the level we want to achieve ourselves. And he is playing one limit higher, so his stakes are our next target. He is where you want to be in the nearest future. Use his directions to cross the path between your limits!

Next advantage is to put yourself in more experienced player's shoes. If you are coaching someone in "Take and Share", you need to understand and appreciate your situation. The player(s) you coach will look up to you. Teaching other people is not easy, but it's highly developing. To help someone understand a concept, first you need to understand it yourself. And it's so beneficial to your own game.

We created a huge community with the common goal. We all want to improve the quality of our lives, the financial condition, and the use of our own time (which is very flexible thanks to poker). "Take and Share" gives you the perfect opportunity to actively take part in Smart Spin's community and to unlock the full potential you have within you.

Our founder is one of the people who took the most out of such a deal and you will learn more about it very soon.

Right now, check out the schedule of November's Take and Share:

As always, higher placed players give coachings to the people one line below them.

We hope there will be even more of you taking part in the December's edition!


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