Typical day of a Russian poker player

Have you ever wondered how the life in Mother Russia looks like? We know why Russians are so aggressive!

1. Ugh... Waking up with the stranger - that was a great party!


2. Let's go for a morning walk.


3. Breakfast? Sure!


4. Okay, time to get to work.


5. At work... yeah, I hate it if you haven't noticed.


6. Dinner!


7. Having a talk with a friend.


8. So, you say I should push any Ace here?


9. Finally, going back home. Let's take a cab!


10. What are you looking at? Get in!


11. Let's play some poker now!

Yeah, Russian are bears! Mystery solved!


12. Bonus:

Okay, okay, I will go now...


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16/06/2016 11:08:45

8. is gold :D


16/06/2016 00:41:53

looooooool :)


jihadaments Comment has been deleted by jihadaments on 23/08/2016 00:41:04


15/06/2016 22:51:59

ha ha ha

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