WatchMan 2 premiere will be aired on Monday!

The new season will be available soon...

In the world of online poker...

... he was the one to be truly feared of!

20 people jumped as I said “jump”. Top players in the world.

He was the top HU HT regular, a member of the elite $1,000 division.

Not afraid of anyone, he took down the guys no one else dared to touch.

I was able to track down someone at $60 stakes (former $300-$500 regs) for a month as a punishment (...) Some of them couldn’t earn a penny because all games they had were versus me.

He retired.

However, not for long because his country needed him!

iJustGamble called and asked me about potential investment in Spin & Go’s...

He had to answer!

He became...


the WatchMan!


In just one year he created an elite group of improved poker players. But his work was not done!


Watch season 2 premiere on Monday 16th of January at 12:00 GMT+1.

Only in Smart Spin!


Oh, and don't forget to ask him mindset related questions for his Thursday's coachings. Just write your post in one of the events you are going to participate in and killuifuplay will take first 20 minutes of his seminars to answer you:


killuifuplay for $60-$100 players

killuifuplay for $15-$30 players



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