Welcome to Smart Spin, Fi0ra!

We've got a new great member in our $100's group!

We are very happy to introduce to you the newest member of our Diamond group!

He was warmly welcomed, as our $100 Spin & Go's players had already met him at the tables before and many of them was amazed by the genius hiding under the nickname of "Fi0ra".

He is indeed a brilliant player and a highly intelligent person. He's not been playing long, but he's already established his position as someone close to the top!

We are sure you'd like to know more about him, that's why we will keep this introduction short and right away invite you to our interview with Fi0ra!



dolareq: Hello, Fi0ra! I would like to officially welcome you in Smart Spin Team, we are happy to have you here :) For those who do not know you yet, could you tell a little about yourself?

Fi0raHello, the pleasure is mine. I am a 24-year-old player from Spain. I have always been a competitive person and I found my way at poker 2 years ago.


dolareq:  Did you drop everything to play or did you manage to finish at least one degree?

Fi0raI left everything in relation to university: 1 subject to finish Criminology, 1 course for Private Investigation and 2 years of Psychology. I saw the way clearly, and wanted to maintain the promise I did to myself when I was 15: "I will not work for anyone." University´s ways are very limited and freedom is one of the highest value for me in life.


dolareq: What is your poker background? You are one of the top Spin & Go players now, but I guess that such a skill must have been developed earlier.

Fi0ra: Ha ha I'm more humble on that sense. I got my first touch with poker in 2011, when I heard about Isildur1´s story. In a few weeks I built a $5,000 bankroll playing HU, just to later face him (and win) in heads-up. A few days later I busted the $30,000 roll at NL10k and didn't play a hand until late 2014, when I started at Heads-Up Hypers from $1's at Pokerstars.es

So I mainly grown myself at the heads-up tables up to $100's, which I have been in love with from the first moment and for one year until the Spin & Go format appeared. After that, I moved to Malta, played $60's one month (7,500 games in 30 days) and then started playing $100's from April onward.


dolareq: Winning to Isildur1 always feels great! Anything interesting you could share about this match?

Fi0raImagine how nervous would you be with your full life bankroll on the table. Just 31 minutes of heart attack, haha. I just wanted to make history as he did, an eternal idol for me.


Spin & Go's winnings - really impressive!


dolareq: And why did you move from hypers to Spin & Go's?

Fi0raMoney basically, hehe. Spin & Go's are the best way to earn it in today's poker world, no doubt. I didn't enjoy them so much at the beginning, especially because of the 3-way situations (which were new for me) and the variance. But once you see the bankroll growing faster than ever, you accept them easier.


dolareq: I am pretty curious how did you hear about Smart Spin? Why did you decide to join us?

Fi0raWell, I saw the advertisings on many sites, but what really attracted me was the quality of its players, that I have been facing at the tables day by day at $100's games. All being said, from the outside, looks a very perfectionist and professional community/school. It's the next step on quality, which I was looking for.

dolareq: I know it's really, really early to have a proper opinion, but do you like what you see so far here?

Fi0raMaybe this sounds like "oh, what are you gonna say if not?", but really, it's impressive how you guys have created such a great school in terms of organization, efficiency, and of course, quality. This is just my very first day with you, but I have already saw 4 hours of coaching sessions and really love the way of the thinking processes and the background strategy.


dolareq: Ha ha, we work hard on many fronts and we know the value of our materials, but we also love to hear that from the players :) Are you going to actively participate in our community? There are tons of things waiting for you, Take and Share with private coachings, Under The Wings group, Hall of Fame - a place to share poker records/achievements and Smart League Season 2, starting really soon!

Fi0raYes, I will! We also have many ambitious plans for the future, but it's too early to talk about them now ;)


dolareq: Good luck with your plans, anyway! Anything you would like to add at the end of that interview?

Fi0raI'm happy to join such a great community. I'm sure this will mean a turning point in my career, and I'm impatient to start working with you guys :) I see a future full of successes!

Hard work and good luck for everyone of us!



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