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One more $100's player joins our ranks!

More and more high stakes players are convinced that they need Smart Spin's help to win even more at Spin & Go's.

And blackaces93 is a great example of a very successful poker player, a former MTT grinder who turned his eyes to Spin & Go's and now makes 50 cEV per game at the $100's, and he has decided to join our community!

He's got many notable $20k+ scores and the biggest was a Sunday Million third place finish for $170,000! So, why did he decide to move to Spin & Go's and join Smart Spin?

Check out the newest interview with our Diamond member and find out yourself!

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dolareq: Hey, blackaces93, welcome to Smart Spin Team! You are quite a big name in the Polish MTT scene. Is it true that you dropped everything to play poker?

blackaces93: Hello, Dolar!! It's a big pleasure to do this interview for you. Ok, from the beginning: before I started to play poker I used to play tennis for about 12 years. I played professionally for about half of that time. For about 18 months I lived in Spain and trained in a Tennis Academy in Valencia. That was a really great time for me and I really enjoyed it. I met amazing people and had the pleasure to train with the big names of this sport like David Ferrer who has been Top 10 in the world for quite a long time.

When I was 18 I decided to finish with the sport. I had to find something new. I really love competition, so when I met poker for the first time I knew it's a great mental game and something that I might want to do for a long time in the future. I dropped out of university and started to play professionally like 3 years ago.


dolar: Why did you drop tennis? Looks like you were on a path to something great.

blackaces93: There was a couple of reasons behind that. First of all, when I moved to Spain, I realised how hard tennis is. To give you an example, difference between tennis in Poland and in Spain is like playing $7 Spin & Go's vs playing $100 Spin & Go's. It's just quite a different world. Even in the smallest tournament everyone is playing really good and the competition is so high. It's really hard to make good money in tennis. For example, I lived with a guy who is now around top 100 in the ATP ranking. Last year he made around $200k on the court. Looks nice, but travelling, coaches and hotels are expensive so I think that a good reg at $100's is making more money than a top 100 ranked tennis player, an ugly truth :) And another thing is that when I was 18 my brother got cancer. He died 6 months after the moment he found out he was sick. I didn't handle it well and couldn't find motivation to do anything those days.



dolar: Oh, I am sorry to hear that. Did you find some joy in poker or was it later, after you went through this horrible situation?

blackaces93: Poker was a little bit later, but it has this element of competition I really needed. Spins and HU games are really fun to play and I like the fact that you can prove that you are good player after some sample. In MTT's you need to be lucky at some point of your career, win this key flip. In Spins, after a good sample you know where you are.


dolar: First, let's talk about your MTT successes because there were a lot of them! You've got many final tables, 3rd place at Sunday Million for $170k, 2nd in Sunday Warm-Up for $38k and many notable $20k wins. I mean... wow! Which one was the most important for you?

blackaces93: I think the Sunday Million was the most important for me. Of course financially, but it was really to give me some kind of extra motivation to work hard. The Warm-Up was really nice too, at that time I had a nice heater because on Thursday I made the final table of Thursday Thrill and won about $20k and only 3 days later on Sunday I finished 2nd in the Warm-Up. Wonderful times :)



dolar: We've got many former MTT players here, now playing Spin & Go's. You said it was time to find a new, younger lover. Do Spin & Go's make you feel young again?

blackaces93: Yeah, Spins give me some freshness I really needed. At the beginning of last year I lived about 4 months in Playa del Carmen in Mexico with one of your members Weshero. Cheers to you, Bro :) He showed me Spin & Go's for the first time and I was really surprised how weak the player pool is here. At that time he really crushed these games. I remember he got around 60 chips/game for the first 2-3 months and I thought that I want to try them as well. I played some sessions from time to time. About 2 months ago I decided to play a little bit more. I played like 3,000 games. I know it doesn't seem like a massive volume, but for me, it was the most intense grind ever


dolar: I am a little surprised that a really good MTT player is struggling with volume. Do you think that Spin & Go's are taking up more energy than MTT's?

blackaces93: Yeah, for me Spins are really much more energy consuming. In MTTs you play really long sessions but you have to fold a lot of your hands. In Spins you're trying to play as many hands as possible. I have never played HU before, so it's something new for me. I always think that quality is more important than volume. Even when I was playing MTTs, I played 6 tables at the same time but other players played like 12-16 or even more. I've never done that, I don't think that this is a good approach to the game. After 2 hours of playing 3 tables of Spin & Go's, in the beginning my brain was totally tired. Another thing is that I have a small daughter (3.5 years old) so I have to spend a lot of time with her. Most likely, I play in the evening for that reason.



dolar: You are already a successful $100 Spin & Go player. What convinced you to join Smart Spin?

blackaces93: I thought about Smart Spin for quite a long time. You have really great players, the best coaches in the world. So, it was just a matter of time when I was going to make this decision. When killuifuplay wrote to me on Skype at the end of last year, I knew that he was going to convince me to join your team. And here I am :)


dolar: How did killuifuplay do it? Maybe I will use some of his tricks while talking to my mates.

blackaces93: Nothing special, we had a nice conversation about poker, tennis etc :) I think he understands my situation pretty well, also he played tennis so I hope I can challenge him at the next Smart Spin meeting. It's really a pleasure to work with a legend of HU, I hope I can learn from him as much as it's possible.



dolar: I heard that you've got big goals for 2017, can you share them with our readers?

blackaces93: Yeah, I want to learn as much as it's possible. At this moment I've got around 50chips per game at $100's, but I would love to increase my volume, that's one thing. I'm playing 2-3 tables at the same time so I have a pretty big problem with that. At the end of the year, I would love to increase my chips per game to 55, and try to play 4 tables. My dream is to touch 60 and it's gonna be really really hard in the long term, but the sky is the limit :) I really like CuAt69UsdSng's challenge. I think I would like to make something similar in the future so maybe in like 5-6 months I am going to attack SmartNova Elite, do it in 3 months. We'll see.


Good luck, we hope you will find here all the motivation and help that you need!



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09/01/2017 13:54:44

Hi buddy, glad to see you here. :)


08/01/2017 16:40:31

Welcome once again :) ! Great interview! I don't think I will have any chances in a tennis match against you, but will do my best hehe :).


08/01/2017 15:25:32

nice transfer! glgl

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