What poker gift do you want from your secret Santa?

Christmas time is here so Spinners are already writing their letter for Santa.

Even poker players are having secret desires, so we want to know what pokerish gift you'd like to get from your secret Santa.

Now it’s time to write him a letter and tell him what is you biggest desire! Do you want to get promoted? Or do you want to achieve something greater... like being the best player in the world?

Write down your secret desire, this will really help you to settle up your poker priorities and at the same time it will be a motivational kick for the next year!


Start writing what you want to get!


Secret Santa is here to bring you joy, so tell him your naughty desires. Be sure that Santa doesn’t miss you this year and start your grinding session under the Christmas tree.

Forget about being a good child! Push your poker limits and start grinding like crazy! You can be your Secret Santa! No one will know that you gave yourself the best gift in the world! If you have joined poker world, you already know that bluffing Santa is not a hard thing to do.


Grind like crazy, but only after you will finish you secret letter to Santa! Write it down here and tell us what poker-ish gift you would like this year! Come up with a crazy desire because money, women and drinks are already put in Santa's bag!


Ho, ho, ho, Spin & Go!



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24/12/2016 16:18:20

dear santa,
im afraid my naughtiest wishes are not shareable in public , but above conversation happened just before this news came out so i think i have no choice than to do a favor to those 2 other guys too :D


24/12/2016 12:30:27

Dear Santa,

I wish to have sand and sun for the next years christmas (rain and mud at the moment). Hopefully moving abroad goes as planned and i can make my dream come true.

Thanks for the support SS:)


24/12/2016 10:31:23

Dear Santa
If you can do everything I want Lycurgus Cup! But this must be a poker gift so let my cup has logo SS ;)
Thanks Santa


24/12/2016 02:36:56

Dear Santa,
I wanna finish my contract as soon as possible.
Thank you !


24/12/2016 01:05:05

Dear Santa,

as you already know in this year I was great husband, solid poker player, great friend and fantastic son and I joined SmartSpin week ago. Nevertheless (what is the most importa) I'm still modest. I'd like to recieved from you coaching one on one with one of founders. This gift will br for me big motivation on the beginning of my journey with SmartSpin;)

Thanks and Merry Christmas


23/12/2016 23:40:53

Dear SS (Secret Santa),
I'm pretty sure you are very busy and have a lot of wishes to fulfil so I will ask you for something very small for you and very big in meaning for me. Something to make my grinding more fun and sexy. Please give me Smart Spin Organic Hoodie with all founders autographs on it so I will get +10 to skill while playing. And as a second gift it would be nice to get 5 Playboy Bunnies (with superb cooking skills).

(hope my gf won't see this)


23/12/2016 21:53:39

The biggest poker desire ?
of course, that the trip to the PCA with my friends :D
or more possible :D be more solid, more motivated, more focused and more hard worker :D
or at least some SmartSpins gadget and hoodie :P

oh and I forgot about my the most darkest desire ^ ^

Visit Banis in Malta :D :P


23/12/2016 21:48:01

Dear Santa i know its disgrace to my nickname but i really need this car !!


23/12/2016 21:13:04

Hey Gama+1 for the wish you can keep the table and the guy from the picture I will take the rest :).

And my secret wish ... the power, the will, the strength and the rest I will got myself :)


23/12/2016 20:06:48

My naughtiest desire? I'd like my proofreader to wake up before 5 PM.

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