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30/12/2016 20:24:20

hey guys! Captain here:

I m from Romania and I live in Bucharest for 8 years now. So let me give you some details...

Rent prices: ( minimum price is for a decent apartment and maximum price is for very good condition)

1 room : 200-250e
2 rooms: 230-280e
3rooms: 300-400e
4rooms: 400-500e
-- this is just the rent. u can expect the additional expences + bills at around 50-100e depending on how many rooms ---

- If u don`t like to cook and u want to go out and eat, u can have a good meal between 5-10e depending on the level of fancyness of the restaurant
- price of beer in town: 2e a decent one/ 4e good quality beer
- usually a taxi ride will cost you about 3-4e. maximum ride till the airport is 8e.
I should have started with this. I know everyone from outside the romania is concerned about the gypsies.
I am not trying to put romania in a good light or anything... this is the most acurate description you will get:
If u live in the centre of Bucharest you don`t have to be afraid of anything... not gypsies not anything... The centre is super safe and there are more and more policemen guarding the streets, especially by night.
On the other hand I wouldn`t recomend you going to the downtown of Bucharest, especially by night, especially as a foreigner. These areas are not that safe but yet again, I don`t think you`ll have to go there if u come here. There is nothing going on in the downtown. Everything happens in the centre.
I actually remember that some european statistics were saying that Bucharest is one of the safest capitals in Europe.

Next I will give some links with videos of Bucharest and aaand AAANDDD with facebook pages with good pubs/clubs where u can see random chicks so you can see for yourself :

https://www.facebook.com/OldCity.Bucharest.ro/photos ( also one of the most visited club in centre)

Hope you guys liked it, and let me know if you come!


30/12/2016 19:10:45

Brazil 🇧🇷


30/12/2016 19:05:54

no mention of each country's women?! come on, 99% of smart spin is guys traveling or with the capacity to travel


30/12/2016 18:24:24

Vampires? hahahha :D


30/12/2016 18:08:28


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