Blooming94 leads the pack with $12,628.03

Check out the Top performers from the Smart League finals!

What is Smart League 2.0?

Smart League 2.0 is a football themed promotion available only to Smart Spin members.

Top players from all stakes formed 12 teams with 16 people in every team.

We are running it to make Spin & Go's even more exciting, add some extra incentive for making a solid volume, give our members the opportunity to work with other great players and meet more people from our community!

Learn more about Smart League 2.0 here.


After the first leg in the Grand Finale and the 3rd place match, we are proud to announce that the Dream Team has made about $59,000! A truly amazing performance by the top 16 players of the round. All the players are definitely giving their best in order to help their squads make the most important step in the competition - the final one! There are great prizes for the Top 3 teams and surely we are going to see even better results in the next leg, when there would be nothing to lose!


The players who made $59,000!


The leading scorer this time is Blooming94, who managed to make the stunning $12,528.03 and defeat the seemingly unbeatable Faldorn07! Despite that victory however, Blooming94's team is losing the match and they will have to try much harder in the last game if they want to lift the trophy. We see not 1 or 2, but 5 more players, besides Blooming94, who made more than $4,000 this round! imbaskadi crushed the tables and drew the line under $9,601.81 - truly amazing! Kleee822 was good for $7,298.48 in the game against Sandy Rivers. Lubczyk88 was the top scorer of Square On in this round with his $6,927.50, while his teammates Super125x and Oxidosiss both made a little over $4,000!

Great results overall by our members, we are looking forward to the second leg and the record breaking scores that it might bring!

Good luck to all contestants.


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