"Calling yourself lazy is lazy"

Jared Tendler talks about being lazy for the 888poker site - and it's quite interesting!

Jared Tendler, a renowned poker psychologist who wrote two incredible books that have helped poker players around the world, The Mental Game of Poker 1 and 2, has recently shared his insight with 888poker.com's readers about being lazy.

This world-class professional uses his long-time experience to show you that even full-time grinders have moments of weakness, and every poker pro will face this issue at some point during their career.

The most important thing is to find out why you are being lazy. Saying that "you are just lazy" is not good enough for any poker players as we are the people who should get better as humans and as players every day of our life.

Goals are the benchmark for laziness. If your poker goals are easily achieved, you can afford to grind hours of TV instead of studying or playing. That’s not laziness, it’s enjoying your life which you can do because you’re achieving your goals. But when your lazy-like actions stop you from achieving your goals, you need to correct the cause of your motivational issue.


Jared Tendler points out that there may be four reasons why we are being lazy:

  • Conflicting Goals (something else is a more valuable option for you),
  • Lacking Goals (you don't know why you are playing),
  • Needing No Outs (you need to have your back against the wall),
  • Burn Out (you worked too hard without a break, and you suffer now because of it).


All of them are dangerous to your improvement and may give you a hard time with putting in enough hours at the tables. Jared Tendler tried to shortly describe what you can do against those kinds of problems, but if you are a Smart Spin member, we encourage you to check out our own mindset materials created by whys0serious.


For example, Conflicting Goals is a hurtful subject if you've been used to doing whatever could have pleased you the most at the particular moment. It means playing video games instead of working on your game or hitting the tables. It's drinking beers instead of going out and working out. It's staying up late instead of thinking about waking up earlier in the morning. All of this pushes you into the comfort zone, and you can't play poker being 100% pleased with your environment, your decision or your mood. It just doesn't happen that way. That's why we encourage you to check out whys0serious'video about Work Ethic.


Lacking Goals is only a short-term solution for playing poker. Without a deeper desire and a clear vision on what you want to achieve, at some point, you will have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning to play poker. You need something that will drive your improvement and give you the reason to hit the tables and become a better poker player. It's a long-term solution that will remind you why you are doing all of this when your motivation hits the lowest levels. Here, we can tell you that Prepare for the new year with whys0serious is a fantastic video that you don't have to watch at the beginning of 2019; you can do it now!


Needing No Outs happens when you have troubles with making decisions. We don't want to guess where that comes from; it's not our place to do it. However, in today's world, it looks like a serious issue that plagues the new generation of men and women. Whether it's a fear of making mistakes or the problem called 'procrastination', the indecisiveness keeps you stuck in one place. You are scared to make a step in one way or the other so that the fate just pushes you around. You can fix that by handling your time more responsibly. When it's your turn to play, you sit down and do it. Time Management will help you with that.


Finally, Burn Out happens when you forget to reward yourself with some time off or celebrate your successes. Sometimes the drive to be a better poker player makes you play and study too much. When you hit your initial goals, it may be difficult to proceed to the next ones because your mind is tired. You need some rest too. That's why our psychologist comes to you with an interesting video about the Burn Out Syndrome. Check it out now!




And if you are not a Smart Spin member, and you are looking for professional, lengthy mindset materials, there is only one way to get them!






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