Charts for Spin & Go's are waiting for you!

Our charts are one of the reasons why it's so good to be a Smart Spin member!

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when we say "charts"?

Probably it's 2007 and a simple fit or fold strategy, stacking off with top range and making dollars off players who have zero idea about poker. Yes, those were great times and charts are one of the obsolete remains of them.

Or are they?


It's not 2007 anymore, that's clear for everyone, although sometimes at the Spin & Go's tables we feel like it's not totally true.

However, while looking for the way to teach our members the default strategy against unknown opponents, we encountered several complex issues. The big question was, how to give you the most detailed gameplan and let you easily process it?

There are only three positions at the start of Spin & Go's tournament and two in the second phase of the game, which starts when one of the players gets eliminated. But while it doesn't sound as much, we need to take into account several things:

  • Was there any action before our turn or are we first to act?
  • Did the other player raise, limp, shove or did he fold his hand?
  • What are stack sizes?
  • Who do we play against?
  • What to do after we decide to add chips to the pot?

That's a lot of information! There was just no way that someone could have remembered it all in his head... and then modify it with every change in styles and trends.

Charts are the answer!



Smart Spin's charts for Spin & Go's have been divided into different positions, stack sizes, opponents and actions we face at the tables!

Charts alone were a big reason why so many people moved from micro stakes and started crushing higher limits. Even the $60's and $100's level players understand the value behind this part of our offer:


Learning charts is very important too, especially when you play 6 tables. ~ imjubei2 in his interview after he made $100,000 of EV at Spin & Go's

I think the most important part is to learn the charts and just follow the strategy Smart Spin is providing us with. Stop levelling, as I can see a lot of players from the lower stakes doing, and just play solid game. ~ karolao in his interview after he achieved $4,000 of EV in just a week at the $60 Spin & Go's

The main thing you have to do is to master the charts and to UNDERSTAND them so you have something to build on. ~ FishFromSVK+ in his interview after being promoted to $100 Spin & Go's

Charts! ~ Grasiu in his interview after being asked how he achieved almost 50 cEV/game in 9,700 games at the $100 Spin & Go's in 2017


Plus, the most interesting fact is that when one of our members gets promoted to the new stakes, he makes unbelievable results at the start of his journey there!

That's because the other players' default strategy is not good. They get caught off-guard and it takes some time before they start developing a counter strategy. However, we are always one step ahead.

The big part of our video library is about adjusting to other players' behaviours. Almost every coaching is about making the best play with what we know and how to move your game beyond the charts.

Right now, we've got over 700 Spin & Go's videos in our library and every day, this number gets bigger!


And if you are worried that you will not be able to remember them, then you can use our Chart Learner which in general, is a set of quizzes which helps you get familiar with correct plays.



Finally, our charts are up-to-date which gives you the edge over the opponents you meet at the tables!

Charts may seem like a thing from the past, but our strategy definitely isn't. We keep a close eye on everything that is going on at the Spin & Go's tables. Our Strategy Department analyses the newest trends and finds a good strategy to counter them.

We are regularly making updates to our strategy and that's why we are always one step ahead of our opponents!


Do you want to start using Smart Spin's charts for Spin & Go's? There is only one way to do it:


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