CuAt69UsdSng is releasing the new charts on $15's vs regs

This is golden information that you don’t want to miss!


We are the Smart Spin poker school and we decided to give you a hand in your poker career.  Again.

The new $15 vs regs charts are here for you! And CuAt69UsdSng is your leading coach!

CuAt69UsdSng is a legend in Smart Spin community. After reaching the top in playing MTT and even coaching the MTT players, he decided to change his poker game and give Spin & Go’s a try. It was love at first sight and a fast climb. Now he is a member in our $100 group, one of the leading coaches and a Smart Spin Partner. If you’ve been here long enough you probably already know that he won $100,000 for the 1st place in a SuperNova freeroll while playing on iPhone, during his girlfriend's prom. That is both funny and the definition of CuAt’s attitude regarding poker. We think that you should hear his advice, don’t you?


Purpose & Method

In Smart Spin you are always encouraged to go up on the stakes ladder. These charts are aimed to show you how to spot a reg and how to play against him in order to move yourself to a higher stake. The battle against regs is being demystyfied by our coach. 



The magical word is to exploit. Our coach explains how to analyze your opponent in terms of hours played, results, level of experience, and behavior during the games. To give you a glimpse of this golden information we invite you to ponder upon these questions:

  • Do you know the difference between regulars and regulators?
  • What is your position in front of a more experienced opponent? 
  • How do you analyze your opponent’s strategy?
  • Do you do the same when analyzing yours? 


3 Drops of gold for you:

  1. To be active in the game means to play with all that you've got and this way you will bring money to your bank account.
  2. Everybody makes mistakes, regs included. Keep that in mind.
  3. Be patient and have your eyes open the entire game from the 3way through the HU until you see the „Congratulations” message. Remember that the game ends when there are no chips left to win.

And these are really just drops of information! These charts will definitely enrich your knowledge on how to get better at your game against the opponents from the higher stakes.



Charts for Spin & Go's are waiting for you!



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