Choose your companion!

How to make the best decision in choosing your pet.

Having an animal friend is always a good idea. He or she will make you play more, walk more, smile more and many other things like sleeping better, for example.

Making the right selection is a little tricky. You want the little... or big friend to bring you joy and a plus to your life, therefore you need to think this through. 

Here are some ideas to help you pick the right pet for you.




You rarely see a daylight because of grinding? Get yourself a bat, it will keep you company. He or she will be quiet the entire day. While you sleep, the bat will sleep too. When you grind, the bat will sleep again, eat insects if you have any in your room and maybe make some small flying rounds above your head to stretch its wings. It could be the perfect match for you!





You forget those damn charts all the time? Get an elephant, they are famous for their strong memory. Do you know this saying: it is not important to know, but to have a friend that knows? Now you will get the giant friend and you will have all the knowledge of the world at your feet ... or in the garage where you will move also, to spend time with your new pet. Enjoy your time together!





You think that poker is a chance game? Get a monkey, so it would click the buttons for you. Maybe it will win more than you because clearly, you are not good if you think that way. In any case, monkeys are funny. They play a lot, they like to cuddle and they learn fast. And they are also joyful, and everyone needs more joy in their life.





Suicidal thoughts after a bad beat? Buy a lemming, it will kill itself for you. Actually, this is not the best idea and if you have suicidal thoughts, you should contact whys0serious and have a chat on the matter. The lemmings, however, can be a good choice for you because they are small, they need a small space to play and they can play by themselves all day. The lemming will keep you company like a loyal friend who asks nothing in return. Seems like a good choice to us.


What did you pick? Comment below!



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we are a professional poker school

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16/12/2018 20:51:05

I have a donkey from the Pyrenees. Contrary to beliefs, it is a smart animal with excellent memory and deduction abilities.
Quiet and careful it is an excellent companion for long walks.
He is a friend for life, of unfailing loyalty.


16/12/2018 19:41:05

Can you add some lemmings to online shop? I will take 5.

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