ClarKent114 wins $30,000!

Today in the morning he hit 10,000x multiplier at $30 Spin & Go's! Check out what happened!

Congratulations to ClarKent114 for winning $30,000 at $30 Spin & Go's!


It was an amazing game at five in the morning. Our member was finishing up his impressive 11-hour poker session when he decided to open one more table. That's when he hit the highest possible multiplier at $30 Spin & Go's!

With more coffee than blood inside his veins, and eyes of the size of a Chinese telemarketer after a 24-hour shift, he was doing his best in a huge Spin & Go for $300,000! The good news was that the presence of two recreational players was making the top prize a little more accessible. He just needed to make sure not to fall asleep with his head in an aquarium.

However, that was proved to be difficult and what's more, the cards were not falling his way. After losing 120 chips in the blind versus blind war, he was getting rags after rags. He shared with us how this game went and it was just painful to see him getting 63o, 64o, 73o, T6o, 94o... Time after time again, he was forced to give up his hand preflop. As a poker player, you may remember those tournaments. There are not many of them, but when you get into one, you feel the pain with your whole body. You want to do something, anything - but you can't. You won't push 83o preflop, right? And it hurts even more when you think about a life-changing money waiting for you in the first place.

Finally, at the 20/40 blind level, CarKent114 got ATo and won a preflop all-in against A3s:

He was back in the game!

However, not for long. After losing two more small pots, he had only 330 chips left in his stack and once again, he clashed with his nemesis. ClarKent114 pushed his small blind with K8o and got quickly called by pocket queens. One more queen on the flop crushed his dreams and eliminated him in the third place:

Unfortunately, that was the end of a road for him. He got $30,000 as a consolation prize, and the two remaining players started fighting for the main dish - $300,000!

betoborex managed to fight through the chip disadvantage and close the win for himself. Congratulations on the good performance and getting such a huge money prize!


It may be hard for ClarKent114 to forget about this tournament, but we believe in him and his professional attitude. Sometimes you can't do much, even in such a good setup.

We know we will see him soon at the tables again!



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