Congratulations for this month's promotions!

In Smart Spin community, you reach the higher stakes way faster.

Every month Smart Spin members conquer higher stakes in great style. They choose to follow our advice, to use the charts we developed, to implement the strategy we shared and now they are unstoppable: like a pack of wolves full of rage going for the prey! 

♠ Our coaches are providing group sessions, videos and a lot of pieces of advice on the forums. 

♣ There is always strategy talk and encouragement to keep playing your best game.

♥ Our programmes feed our member's curiosity and need for knowledge, motivation, and success. 

♦ And last but not least, we have a brilliant mindset coach! 


But don't believe us, scroll down and see for yourself just a few of Smart Spin member's results from this August:


Blacksnakee shares his advice for reaching $100 stake

Blacksnakee: One thing I know for sure. You should play the best poker every time you sit down in your chair. Otherwise, you should do something else." ~ read more about his 6,778 games with 67,95 cEV


The journey of ZeTraT is worth a place in $100 stake group

ZeTraT: I am standing on the last step to knock on the $100’s door and compete against the best Spin & Go players in our team and I’m really looking forward to that in the near future. So, I would recommend to all of my colleagues to work on their game regularly and fight for every pot regardless how small. Every detail matters! ~read more about his 3,557 games with 64 cEV!


$100 stake is another achieved goal for oxidosiss

oxidosiss: An important moment was when I started to treat poker as my main job and to move into a poker house. If you live with other poker players you have the chance to talk on a daily basis about the hands played and this is a thing which really helps you develop. ~read more about his $13,500 EV and 50 cEV games.


Castelli Ang is our proud Italian who reached the $100 stake

Castelli Ang: This decision of joining Smart Spin brought answers to many of the questions and insecurities that I had both professionally and personally. Understanding where and what I had to improve was fundamental for getting to $100’s. ~read more about almost €14,000 EV and 3,423 games played with 69 cEV.


super125x knows that reaching $100 stake is not the final destination

super125x: Reaching $100’s is one thing, but being able to stay there for good is another thing. I want to be able to compete with the best Spin and Go players in the world as equals and qualify to the next Smart League season as a Diamond player. ~read more about almost $20,000 made on 6,123 games with 47 cEV.



Theredskulll conquered the €50 stake

Theredskulll: In my opinion, a good mindset, consistency and commitment are the prerogatives for being a successful poker player. At the beginning I studied much more than I was playing, but then I started to grind as much as possible. I believe the strategy materials provided by Smart Spin are amazingly helpful and thanks to them I am having these achievements.~read more about 84 cEV and €7,500 made on 2,852 games.


Xptboy enjoys his first steps at $60 stake

XptboyThis is when I decided to commit to this format and try to get as much help as possible so I could move up the stakes as fast as possible. Smart Spin appeared to be the best poker school and the most obvious option for this format. ~read more about 4,600 games with 55 cEV.


andyx10 had a long struggle but now he is a $60 stake member

andyx10You have to know how to study and then do it. Watching the videos without taking notes will never help because you won’t remember that information. ~read more about 4,963 games and 54 cEV.


Hajsmaker is proud to be a winner at $30 stake

Hajsmaker: I'm here for making money, I'm not looking for fame. Thank you for this promotion. All I want to say is special thanks to Zuber85.  For sure he had a strong impact on my results, in both a strategical and mental way. I wish to have him as a coach in the next Smart League season. ~read more about 1,980 games and 86 cEV.


Congratulations to you, heroes, and to all of our members who got one step further this August! 






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