Crushfest: defend yourself against cbets in the blinds war

Do not fear, Crushfest is here!

Crushfest has been phenomenally helpful for all Smart Spin members in the quest of getting more money from recreational players, boosting winrates, and getting to higher stakes much quicker!

Right now it's the top series available for Spin & Go's players, and it contains the most-viewed videos by Smart Spin members.

Today, we are happy to publish another episode of Crushfest where you will learn to defend against cbets in the BB vs SB situation!


Hold your ground!

How to play against cbets? "It depends" would be a good answer, and probably most of you have some basic concepts in mind when it comes to facing aggression from the small blind.

However, it's time to learn the most profitable strategy in this scenario!

Our founder will explain how you should behave on various board structures and with different holdings. He will give you population tendencies, as well as some ideas on when to deviate from our recommended strategy.

Another episode of Crushfest is knocking on your doors; answer!



perez1187 will explain this situation in details on Wednesday!

Today's video will give you the full information about defending against cbets in the BvB war. But we know that sometimes it's not enough; we are pretty sure that you've got a lot of questions!

On Wednesday, perez1187 will publish a game plan video about this exact subject. Stay tuned!

Video - perez1187 - Crushfest in practice


Not familiar with Crushfest?

Crushfest is the most important video series you will ever see as a Spin & Go player!

We analysed millions and millions of hands to deliver you the most profitable strategy against recreational players. You get most of your winrate from them, so it's crucial to maximise your winnings when you face them at the tables.

That is why we started our series of videos called Crushfest, and if you'd like to know more about it, we encourage you to click the link below:

What is Crushfest?



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