CuAt69UsdSng is launching a new community project!

This can turn into a great adventure!

Our wizard has once again opened his book of spells and he found a magical solution for making the Smart Spin community become more and more united. CuAt69UsdSng is a man with an ager mind who is always seeking new solutions for building an unbeaten squad. Our coach has many beneficial initiatives for the mental state of our players.

He is a kind of Noah and he wants to bring on his ship only open-minded players who can see beyond the financial side of the poker game. Our Noah is launching a new challenge for those players who want to survive to the storms that will burst into their souls and minds.


CuAt69UsdSng: I want to bring Smart Spin members together and I want to make them talk about non poker related topics. I am a grinder with a lot of experience and I know that poker is a very demanding game. It turns your personal life into dust. I want to create some groups which can help players with their work-life balance. Also this is a great opportunity to get to know your team mates.


If you want to take part in this challenge you must meet two criteria:


  • You must be a $15+ Spin & Go player
  • You must have played Spin & Go’s for at least 75 hours in April or May


Don’t forget that this new community project will be related to your personal hobbies so please decide which one of these groups fits you the most:

  • Productivity/Self-development Group
  • Pickup / Relations Group
  • Books / Films / Music Group
  • Sport / Health / Diet Group
  • Business Group
  • Travel / Adventure / Adrenaline Group


CuAt69UsdSngThe idea is to meet once/twice a month and talk about some prepared topics. Meanwhile we can exchange interesting links, books and thoughts. I believe that poker players are very intelligent people and that they have many curiosities. I'm sure that these groups will bring us together and maye we will start travelling together or go together to a club to pick-up girls or we can just find a gym partner. These groups will be part of our personal lives!


If you have already decided what group to join all you have to do is to PM CuAt69UsdSng and you can jump in his adventure ship!


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