CuAt69UsdSng wins $100,000 while playing $1,000 Spin & Go's!

As a bonus, we show you his full graph from 2018!

Our Head Coach CuAt69UsdSng was playing the highest Spin & Go stakes when he hit 100x and was among three players who were battling for the $100,000 of first place prize!

And it wasn't a walk in the park.


It was a difficult start for CuAt69UsdSng who was down to twelve big blinds at the 15/30 blind level. His opponents were aggressive, trying to get him out of the comfort zone, but our Head Coach is a born poker player - he can't be fazed by anything now.

So, he pushed his KQo from the button and easily doubled up against KJs of his opponent. Then, after a few hands, he decided to push his pocket fours against the button's limp... but this was a disaster! He was trapped by pocket queens and CuAt69UsdSng needed a lot of help. It didn't come on the flop, it didn't come on the turn...


But it did on the river! A set of fours eliminated one of the players in this match and we were down to two.

We thought it would end in the very next hand when both contenders for $100,000 went all-in and CuAt69UsdSng had a promising hand of QJs against his opponent's K3o. A jack appeared on the flop, but so did a king and the game continued.

The edge was small, the cards were not falling his way. He was forced to drop his 72o, 42o, 32o, 82o - hand after hand, he was getting rags in a crucial moment of this tournament. It would have been a suicide mission to play them against such an aggressive reg.

But the luck turned around and it all ended in three all-ins. First, CuAt69UsdSng's ATs got the best out of his rival's K8o. Then, he got pocket kings and easily called his opponent's shove. After 5 cards had been revealed at the table, he also won that one. Finally, he pushed his KTo as the last hand of this tournament and was ahead once again:

And it was the end!


Congratulations CuAt69UsdSng for winning $100,000 at $1,000 Spin & Go's!


Our Head Coach has had a wonderful start to the year. After only 3 months, he is already winning $280,000 with EV of $90,000!

It's a pleasure to watch him winning so much at the tables! Good luck in the next months, CuAt69UsdSng!



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