CuAt69UsdSng wins $450,000 this year at Spin & Go's!

And achieves $300,000 of EV in the process! Good job!

Spin & Go's are the most rewarding format right now when it comes to playing for a living. Not only you can catch life-changing money by hitting one of the multipliers, but you can easily grind out your monthly income.

We've got many successful poker players in Smart Spin, but one stands out above the rest.

In eight months of 2018...


CuAt69UsdSng achieved $300,000 of EV
and won $450,000!





What an amazing score!

During those eight months of 2018, our Head Coach became a regular player at $500 and $1,000 stakes, won $100,000 in a 100x multiplier, achieved this incredible result and has been teaching our members how to be more successful at Spin & Go's!

Everyone wants to be like CuAt69UsdSng as he is right now one of the most successful Spin & Go's grinders.

And he walked a long road to get here.


Who is CuAt69UsdSng?

Who is our Head Coach CuAt69UsdSng?

He's been playing poker for over a decade now. Before he became a well-known person in our community, he had been striking fear into his opponents' hearts first at Sit & Go's, and then at MTTs. He left the world of tournaments during his prime with over $500,000 in profit. We still enjoy reminding our readers that he won $100,000 in the SuperNova freeroll at PokerStars during his girlfriend's prom! It's such an amazing story.

He was also one of the first to see where the money is flowing and it was Spin & Go's games:

When I joined Smart Spin I was super fascinated! I've always liked to improve and work with people with big knowledge, but never had the opportunity to do so with the Heads Up players. Here, it turned out that the founders see and understand the game from another level. They taught me everything I know.

Soon, he became a true winner at $100 Spin & Go's and one of our coaches. He is also a big proponent of working with other poker players, as he described it to being a big part of his poker journey:

For me, meeting other poker players and being inspired by them was the crucial thing at the beginning of my poker journey. I am sure that analysing and working with other Smart Spin members will make any of you more motivated as well!

(That's also the main reason why we started Smart Tinder this month.)

But the real challenge appeared in 2018 when he decided to become a regular poker player at $500 Spin & Go's.

It was not easy! Such high games risk you the probability of running bad and losing a lot of money at the beginning. However, looking long-term, it was the most profitable decision of his life!

At the beginning of this year, I was battling all kinds of regs at $500's, and I saw the same faces over and over again. I felt this pressure as well, and it was not easy to overcome it.

Swings are massive. You don't know if you did $50,000 of EV one month because you were good or because it was a card distribution. You don't know if you were running good against regs or you were crushing them.

Next month you are $15,000 on the minus, and you have a clash with reality. And you have thoughts such as "Maybe it's time to quit? Maybe I just ran good last month, and now I am going down?"

It was all worth it. He broke the $500's and earned $450,000 in just eight months is just an unbelievable result!

The best thing is that during this time, he's still been one of the most active coaches in our community. Even when he is talking to us in our office in Malta, you can see pure joy and kindness out of him. He wants to help people and sees that he can learn a lot from them as well.

That's why he was not shy about the state of $500 Spin & Go's at this moment. If you want to see what the games at the highest look like, check out this huge interview with him!


Learn the secrets of $500 Spin & Go's





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