Dafestone gets promoted to €50 stakes!

Our Italian player spreads his wings and rises to the top.

Congratulations to Dafestone for reaching the €50 Spin & Go's!


Our hero managed to crush the €25's with 79 cEV on 3,564 games and his hard work has been rewarded with €8,500! 

Are you eager to find out more about the man who managed to get such an impressive result? Dafestone is here to answer questions.



Dafestone: My poker career started with some baby steps.

I started to play poker 8 years ago, but I was a microstakes player. At the beginning I was charmed by the 6 max €0,50/€1 Sit & Go’s and after a while I decided to try some HU Sit & Go’s.  At that moment this game format was the most profitable for me. During my years at uni I showed a lot of enthusiasm for this game and I managed to play at stakes up to €50. After I finished university I decided that it was time to become a full time poker player and I managed to become a HU Sit & Go’s reg on PokerStars.it.


Dafestone: My Smart Spin journey started three months ago and I am already feeling that I’m the luckiest person in the world.

I am very satisfied with the time spent in your team. I feel that I am connected with everyone from here, even with the admins, who are gentle and very patient with me. I am lucky to have some Italian friends in your community which are always available to help me and to answer to all my questions. In my opinion, your strategy materials are a gold mine. Smart Spin’s videos are very straight-forward and they really help you to defeat all your fears and insecurities. By knowing exactly what you should do in a certain spot you become more self-confident. These materials combined with many coaching sessions helped me reach the €50 stakes.

P.S. I want to say “thank you” to didigotpot who helped me solve a big problem that I had with my PT4!


Dafestone: The main reason I switched to Spin & Go’s was…

…because I was a HU SNG player, but during the last couple of years the traffic has drastically decreased and I had to adjust.

After switching to Spin & Go’s I had to learn the preflop ranges and I also made some other little improvements in certain postflop spots. Thank you, Smart Spin for turning me into a real Spin & Go crusher!

I've never had a coach before, but fortunately I had many friends who really helped me during my poker journey. Now, in Smart Spin I can say that the coach is constantly improving my game. I am very happy to live this new experience and one of my future goals is to improve even more my game and to level up again.


Dafestone: Who am I?

This is a good question. I am the sum of my passions. I've always played football and I am still playing computer games. Unfortunately, some years ago I had a problem with my knee and now my only non poker related activity that remained is playing videogames. So you can call me a nerd. :P

Maggie and her passion for football.


See you at €100's, hero!



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