Danilinlife: From League of Legends Master to Poker Star in a Year

Danilinlife climbed from $0,25 stakes to $60 stakes within a year with Smart Spin

Danilinlife: From League of Legends Master to Poker Star in a Year

League of Legends (LOL) is one of the biggest online games in the world, and Danilinlife from Brazil wanted to be a professional player in the game. He started playing LOL 6 years ago, while still in high school when the game was introduced to him by his friends in school. Due to his very competitive nature, he spent many hours playing the game to be better than his friends. 

In the following years, Danilinlife evolved a lot as a player. He would spend at least 10 hours a day--almost all his free time when not at University--playing the game, constantly improving his game. The LOL community is very big, in order to be better than the rest of the players, he had to play more than others. He achieved Master rank, the second-best rank in the game, for 2 seasons and was the top 240 player in the Brazilian server. His team joined live tournaments and became the best team in their city.

Just last year, one of his friends from LOL introduced him to Spin and Go’s and our online poker school, Smart Spin. He played $0,25 games on his own for only 5 days before joining Smart Spin.

“Well, when I started at $0,25 I felt enchanted by poker, because of the competitive nature of the game and also the possibility of winning money by being better than others. I played around 300 games at $0,25 and got promoted to $1, and I was studying the material with a friend too. We would watch each other playing, and I think the main reason for my fast evolution is always studying with someone else.

When I received my first profit by playing a game which I love, I felt very happy about it. I stopped playing league when I was playing $1. I got promoted to $7 very fast, and joined the Brazilian private group, Where I received coachings from other players, and shared my knowledge with other players as well.

Basically, I've never studied GTO like a lot of people do, I just studied Smart Spin materials, and I was always finding things to improve, My goal was to improve every day, learn new things every day”

Danilinlife climbed from $0,25 stakes to $60 stakes within a year with Smart Spin, an impressive feat that he accomplished while studying full-time in University as well. 

“I owe all my knowledge in poker to Smart Spin, they gave me full support and all I have is due to Smart Spin. They provided me with useful resources like the strategy paths, videos, etc. and more importantly, they provided mechanisms to identify where we can improve our game with tools such as Leakfinder, EV by position, etc.”

The Smart Spin community was also very instrumental to his success.

“Before I joined the Brazilian group, I was thinking Smart Spin wasn’t worth it, but after I joined them and the changes in the strategy department came, led by Cuat, things became very clear to me. Mr. Cariry and Mr. Reis also helped me a loooooooot to improve my game”

The competitive mindset he developed in his years in esports has also aided his poker development.

“ When I was playing League and was trying to become pro, my mindset was ‘always try to improve.’ It doesn’t matter if I lose a game due to other players or etc. Don’t blame other people, always try to find ways to improve. I came to poker with that mindset, trying to improve every day and not to blame card distribution, bad runs or etc. There's always room to improve, don’t give excuses or feel guilty. This works for our everyday life too.

The competitive approach in esports of trying to be better than others, of course, has a lot of value in poker”

At 21, Danilinlife is currently working towards his promotion to 100$ stake. He has decided to cut back on his workload at university in order to dedicate more time for poker. 

His team joined live tournaments and became the best team in their city.

“My routine is to play 5 hours and study for 1 hour per day. Before I start my session I do some warm-up, review my hands or watch live play or other videos. I always try to start playing 1 hour after I had my lunch, and play 1-hour sessions, with indeterminate pauses in between. For example, some days I play 1 hour and have a 15-minute break and come back to play again. Other days, I play for 1 hour, go out and take 2 hours off, but I always try to play for 5 hours each day.

There are also some habits I want to improve in my routine, like my sleeping pattern and incorporating a more active lifestyle.”

Danilinlife plans to graduate from university soon, but he doesn’t see himself in any other career but poker. He wants to continue to improve his game and achieve the promotion to 500$ stakes. His advice for players trying to climb the stakes like he did?

“Learn new things every day, always try to improve, trust the process and all of you can achieve higher stakes”

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19/11/2019 17:03:19 Edited on 19/11/2019 17:04:22 by wOuLdYoUmArRyMe

Great interview, nice danilin. GL


18/11/2019 11:08:48

Impressive work ethic and mindset! This is a great example for aspiring poker players.

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